The Regional Planning report

By: Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Regional Planning Commission issued a report last October – 311 pages. Connect Transit will be here forever because these people think it is an essential service. Losing $1.2 million every month isn’t a problem since the Feds and State cover most of it. See the history on PDF page 30.

See the Long Range Planning for 2050 report here. See the people who created the report at the beginning – most aren’t elected.

I haven’t read every page yet, but I will. The chart on PDF page 59 looks like they expect the population of McLean County to decline:

How are the roads?

2 charts should be sending a message to the people in charge of maintaining roads. It is the same message sent by citizens for decades – the roads are crap! Think your government will realize more money needs spent EVERY year?

PDF page 38

PDF page 40:

I’m sure there is plenty more to report – stay tuned.

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