How other states are protecting kids in schools

By: Diane Benjamin

Finding links has proven difficult. I believe this effort started in Tennessee and other states are following their lead. Of course Illinois isn’t one of them.

The Federal Communications Communications has obscenity standards for radio and television to protect children.

If those same standards applied to schools there wouldn’t be a need to ban obscene books and sexuality education. If your kids can’t be exposed to obscenity on public airwaves, why are they in schools?

Common Sense!

Here’s one source from a group advocating this:

I’ve heard Tennessee, Idaho, Texas and Ohio are considering laws that apply the same standards to their schools.

Illinois won’t be following their lead unless parents force them.

Common Sense and Illinois don’t go together. We have a law that removes State funding if obscene books are removed. Protecting kids isn’t on the agenda.

2 thoughts on “How other states are protecting kids in schools

  1. This has already passed in Texas. Glen Beck just reported on this. It was actually John Rich (country music singer) who came up with this idea and it has great weight, makes sense and is a fact regarding radio and tv.

  2. These ridiculous leftist policies and practices seem to explode on the scene nationwide almost overnight. Why does common sense and the rule of law move at the pace of a turtle to head them off? Especially when the vast majority of the nation is against the from the get go.

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