More on Olympia’s Solar Panels

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday’s story:

Anybody surprised administration claims to have saved a lot of money on electricity when the schools were closed for COVID?

You need to review this story too:

I don’t know the complete story but this law firm contacted Olympia, they are probably suing the manufacturer. The sender must not know Illinois FOIA laws, sorry your email isn’t confidential:

This company also did work following the fire, their bill was not included in the FOIA:

It sounds like many costumes were lost or damaged:

A claim has been filed with Olympia’s insurance:

It will be interesting to see if rates go up because of the solar panels. Yesterday’s storms produced hail, luckily most of it was north of I74.

This is what hail did to a solar farm in Nebraska. Go GREEN!

2 thoughts on “More on Olympia’s Solar Panels

  1. Nothing is hail proof when you have hail the size of softballs. We had hail here in Tennessee the size of quarters and the damage to our property and surrounding areas was substantial . Many homes had roof and siding damage with quarter size hail. Solar panels are not hail tolerant as Nebraska found out.

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