By: Diane Benjamin

This is Bloomington’s 2nd cannabis dispensary. It is on the west side close to Walmart/Outlet Mall, grand opening is in July.

Targeting kids?

Think kids shopping with a parent won’t beg for “Cookies”? This company is certainly targeting college kids. They can ride the bus there for free.

Revolution is the name of Normal’s 3rd approved dispensary on Raab Rd. The article doesn’t explain why the name “Cookies” was chosen. Maybe because using their products makes you want some? 😆

Smelling like a skunk is the new Musk aftershave/cologne.

6 thoughts on “Cookies!

  1. Skunk weed. Why anyone would want to smoke this garbage is beyond me. It would be cheaper just to smoke your actual garbage.

  2. I saw this building had been painted bright blue with the giant “Cookies” on the side of the building and I thought this was going to be a cookie shop…
    Never crossed my mind that “Cookies” would be a weed shop!

    Oh ILLINOIS – you can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Cookies is gas. Revolution though is the real gas, so I’m Interested to see what comes of this.

  4. Just to clear up anyone’s confusion here, the reason the store is called Cookies is becuase that’s the brand name . They’re a california cannabis brand that has locations all over the US now, all under the Cookies name. Revolution (an established cultivator here in IL) grows the product for the Cookies brand since they don’t have their own cultivation centers here in IL.

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