Bloomington Tonight: World Peace Week

By: Diane Benjamin

We are close to a nuclear war in Ukraine, China wants Taiwan, Israel has to prevent Iran from finalizing nuclear missiles, our “institutions” buried the country in unpayable debt, and culture is on a race to the bottom, but Bloomington is proclaiming this World Peace Week and welcoming visitors from India. I wonder if they will be here in time for tonight’s meeting. If the communists show up again Bloomington will be an international joke.

Proclamation by the Mayor tonight:

I hope the visitors find out the local “culture” allows residents to mutilate their children because they believe they are the wrong gender. The culture in Illinois disposes of many other children before they are allowed to be born. Schools are indoctrination camps instead of education centers.

It’s a shame Bloomington’s Pridefest won’t be held during Pride Month, it’s not until July. The visitors won’t get to witness the culture here first hand.

Should be a great meeting! See the entire agenda here, I’m sure Tim Gleason ironed out the any opposition to the development agreement for the Coachman property that got tabled at the last meeting:

3 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight: World Peace Week

  1. Naive lil children running our local government. Brought to us by the local commies and low-information, useful idiot voters.

  2. India – and China the data thieves and shady systems so called experts. World peace won’t happens on Dems leadership to the RINOS that keep war mongering. Globalism has a mission. And it ain’t pretty for real Americans and long time taxpayers.

    Children and fools run state and country’s. And sell every citizen and taxpayer out. No conspiracy!

    Those that ignore or don’t see it are either profiting or part of the team. Young Global Leaders as an example. Or Soros organization and funded and backed.

    Time for the show to end

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