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By: Diane Benjamin

Copied from Nextdoor:

Is anyone else concerned about the deteriorating condition of Walt Bitnerpark in eagle Crest East?

The playground equipment needs painting, and the roofs are beginning to rot. It is only a matter of time until a child gets injured. Also, the shrubs at the entrance on Connie Kay Way, and around the gazebo are almost all dead. I have called Bloomington Parks several times with no success. Maybe if enough people call it may help.

Maybe this will help.

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  1. This park has nice basketball courts, but there is a lot of unsafe playground equipment. There is an opening on the bigger equipment that kids have tumbled out through, with quite a fall down. Also a huge risk to get cuts/gashes with the deteriorating condition.

    When all the money starts getting thrown over to the new water park and other not-necessary expenses, it means we can’t maintain parks or especially critical infrastructure.

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