Library: We need space for Community Events!

By:  Diane Benjamin

When you think about community events, the library is the first place you think of, right?

Community events already take place at Grossinger Motors Arena and the BCPA, both of which already suck up tax dollars faster than a category 5 tornado sucks up homes, but the library needs space for community events!

The Bloomington Public Library wants to expand only to be relevant in an age where people don’t need them to find information.

Of course, it is at your expense!

Paying enough property taxes now?  Not if the library expands.

From the minutes of the July Library Board meeting:

So what is next?

Your government wants your entire wallet.  Allowing you to keep what you earn isn’t the plan, utopia is expensive.

Maybe voting next April is important?






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13 thoughts on “Library: We need space for Community Events!

  1. Sears leaving! Empty space, EAST side library (hence LESS homeless folks) More room, easily located, Tari gets MORE room for “HIS” downtown utopias.
    Wonder IF the council can think this fast??


  2. I am extremely certain that all they need do is get rid of all of the unneeded books (almost all of them), add a few computer stations and the rest of the space should be more than enough space for their community space. PROBLEM SOLVED!

    John P. Brown

    Bloomington, IL

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  3. I’m very pro-book and pro-library. That said, I have to agree that with the BCPA and Arena both Very available (ie usually empty) the council has already effectively decided to forego the library as a community meeting venue. If they get rid of one or both of the first two, then it could be argued that the library would be a good venue to fulfill that need, but not until then…
    (Not unlike all the people who want us to welcome illegal aliens – dismantle the welfare state first, and then we’ll talk…)

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  4. Complete insanity… it’s not a library anymore…it’s a community center? They have a 30 to 40 year vision of the library? I would call that not a vision…… that is a hallucination that is not based in the real world. Libraries are already obsolete and in 30 to 40 years they will be part of the history books.


  5. The entire premise of needing more meeting space is another idea without demand outside of city elites that is funded by the taxpayers.

    In the rare case of an actual need for space – the meeting organizers can lease and pay (not taxpayers) for a location.


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