BCPA doesn’t exist to even break even

By:  Diane Benjamin

For a brief time events report were published for BCPA shows.  It was when VenuWorks was filling the management void.  Reports are available for these shows:   http://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1555

(Some shows are available from the prior year too, I’m not looking them all up!)

260 people attended Gobsmacked, the show lost $14,570.51

184 people attended Dracula, it lost $9,980.52

335 people attended Asner, it made $4,523.22

397 people attended Hazel, it lost $15,257.56

847 people attended Nutcracker, it made $7,428.02

260 people attended Shakespeare, it lost $9,765.05

1058 people attended Birbiglia, it made $5,774.34

1117 people attended Army Band, it lost $3,903.00

160 people attended Hunchback, it made 395.20

675 people attended Catapult, it made $1,385.14

1166 people attended Regan, it made $9,725.38

940 tickets were sold for Thorogood, it lost $6,823.59

1165 people attended Cornerstone, it lost $18,723.66

675 people attended Solstice, it lost $3,561.42

Total loss on these shows:  $53,354.01

Remember the mission statement of the BCPA: 

Quality of Life!

The City has not provided event reports for any shows since.

Gee, I wonder why!

Maybe the 80% who don’t vote in local elections should next year, they probably won’t.  Management should know by now what type of shows make money and which don’t.  They don’t care.














One thought on “BCPA doesn’t exist to even break even

  1. The “CONSISTORY” USED to be a GREAT facility for banquets, meetings etc. They even had stamp shows there (Do they still have ANY kind of show?) these would ALL bring in rent money AND quality of life for people attending, but I see ABSOLUTELY no redeeming social value in 2 guys doing bad magic who can’t afford clothes!
    As for breaking even, As long as the status quo is running the boat it’ll keep sinking..


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