Update #2 – Update: Mikey denied in Massachusetts

The stay issued by Judge Casey is still in place.  Mikey will not be leaving Massachusetts.  It will stay in affect until appeals are heard.

This is a copy of the judge’s ruling:   2018-09-18 – Decision Judge Cronan

Bottom line is he decided Mikey is in no danger right now.  Duh.  The danger is if he is forced to returned to Illinois, the ruling doesn’t address that!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A judge in Massachusetts denied the Emergency Temporary Injunction requested by Michael Cadena.  An appeal will be filed.

Michael’s lawyers are attempting to find out if the emergency stay ordered by the previous judge is still in effect.  That stay prevented Mikey from leaving Massachusetts.

More information soon.

One question has never been asked or answered:

Since when does the Pantagraph cover custody cases.

Even though it isn’t about custody, that’s what they call it!

Does their coverage have anything to do with the mom’s family having money and connections?

Just asking!








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