Judge Hill overstep

By:  Diane Benjamin

Judge Hill issued an arrest warrant today for Michael Cadena.  She wants him dragged back to Illinois and imprisoned.

She must not realize that sending his father to jail is not going to get Mikey back in Illinois.  The Massachusetts judge made it very clear that Mikey isn’t going anywhere.  I believe papers have already been drawn for his grandmother to have custody of him in Massachusetts.

Judge Hill stated again that Amber hasn’t seen Mikey in person for over a year.  She must not realize Amber has been east twice and failed to comply with basic requests to see Mikey.  The last time her lawyer refused to have her meet with Mikey’s doctor.  She could have spent a lot of time with him.  Mikey has been traumatized for years, the least his mother could do is learn a little about how to interact with him so it’s less painful for Mikey.

The latest decision by Judge Hill is a huge overstep.  To issue a criminal warrant and have Mike extradited to Illinois to face sentencing with the same civil Judge is absurd.  Clearly, this should transfer over to a criminal court to ensure Mike’s constitutional rights as a defendant are protected.  Bias is also avoided.  To not do so would be a violation of his civil rights and due process.  It’s obviously grounds for appeal.

A high-profile defense attorney has already been consulted on Mike’s case and may represent him now that this warrant has been issued.  More will be known on Monday.

Hill and Amber’s attorney had difficulty keeping their facts straight.  Hill confused civil with criminal more than once.  Tristan Bullington talked about filings he was going to file but never did.  He withdrew one because he thought it was filed but then found out it wasn’t.

At times the hearing was more of a pre-planned circus.

It will be a very sad day for Mikey when his dad is ripped away from him by his mother.  I’m sure he will never forget who is again responsible for traumatizing him.






16 thoughts on “Judge Hill overstep

  1. Sending the dad to jail is meant to prove he is unfit and unable to care for his son therefore, by default, the mother would be given custody.
    Sad day when a mother is so selfish rather than selfless.

  2. She’s NOT a mother, she’s a DEMON who NEEDS an exorcism!!
    WHAT kind of mother puts a child through ALL THIS and then goes almost 1,000 miles and don’t bother to see them?

  3. Im just happy im not the only one getting fucked over here, Mr Cadena has earned his son and id thriving, in very uncanny circumstance me and my son are in the same schenario….. he hates his mom, judge hill gives him his mom he reports the abuse, i report the abuse and get punished i wont stop i will make sure my son has a better life than I did anyone who will help….. thanks otherwise mind ur own…. this is about my son thriving please understand nothing bad over here

  4. Tristan Bullington was campaign manager for Jamey Mathey a few years ago. Mathey lost, so Tristan was a loser too. Still a loser. You know what they say, snakes of a feather flock together.

  5. Anyone listen to the jail call between Amber and the man she loves sitting in jail? She said on the recording she’d Never get her kids if the judge found out she was violating the no contact order….and f… this and f…. that….. really good actress if she can convince someone how angelic she is now… does not deserve to have any child around her

  6. If this woman actually cared about her son she would have met with his doctor and listened to the doctors recommendations to ensure he would not be traumatized any further than he already has been. She would have been able to see her son. As a parent you do what is best for your child. This woman is not a parent. Judge Hill needs to wake up before it’s to late and something more horrendous hapoens to this poor child. Mikey is a person, not a possesion. Treat him accordingly.

  7. Excellent article. This is absolutely a miscarriage of justice and anyone with a brain should be able to see the obvious Corruption that runs rampant in McLean county Illinois.

    Lil Mikey Cadena needs to stay right where he is, with his father in a safe loving environment.

    John Smith @ TruthSeekers Investigations Group

  8. This is a joke ! It’s clear this little fella was abused by his mum he doesn’t want to go back to his mum please help him stay with his dad I’m all way in Ireland and I wish I was closer as I would do something.the judge is corrupt she must of got paid

  9. This is a disgusting abuse of power. I hope this father and his legal team file whatever formal complaints they can on this judge. You are supposed to be protecting families and their children, not putting them back in harms way. If anything happens to this little boy because of the grave mistake she has made, she will be the one to blame.

  10. This Amber sounds like my own piece of shit mother! What can we do to help, this little boy deserves to be loved an not scared to death. This is bullshit.

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