BN Advantage will save us! ha ha

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s really hard to say what BN Advantage is, except that they soak up your money.  Supposedly it’s a collaboration of government, the Economic Development Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and anybody else who is searching for the “Right Fit” in economic development.

A GREAT suggestion was made by board member Don Cavallini at yesterday’s County Land Use committee meeting.  He asked why solar farms aren’t being encouraged on land that can’t be used for anything else – like the old rail yards.  Instead they are being placed on farm land in the hopes that 20-30 years from now the land can return to farmland.  Hope and change abounds!  Maybe BN Advantage or the EDC should investigate.

Back to BN Advantage.

They have a great new website.  It’s also a lesson in how government is failing to provide essential services in favor of entertainment, Quality of life, whatever you want to call it.  It’s also a lesson in government failure to perform even small tasks.

See this link:

Count all the great activities you are being forced to pay for because somebody thought you need it.  The Castle Theater and possibly the Sugar Creek Arts Festival are the only listings from the private sector.  There are over a dozen government sponsored items.  Yes, your taxes are higher because of them.

There is one glaring error on the page.  Keep in mind this website is relatively new and should be up to date.

The Coliseum isn’t called the Coliseum anymore.

If somebody is looking for it, they would need the real name to find it:  Grossinger Motors Arena.

Did Grossinger tell them not use their name out of embarrassment, or are they really going to be upset they paid a lot of money for naming rights and not getting the benefits?

Government is barely capable of providing essential services.  This is proof they aren’t capable of economic development either.  Early next year there are local elections.  If capitalism isn’t returned to local government the area will continue a steep decline.  Good candidates are needed, many more people need to vote instead of just leaving town.








6 thoughts on “BN Advantage will save us! ha ha

  1. BN advantage will save us about as much as a wooden deck chair on the deck of the Titanic can be used as a life preserver! I”ll take the chair-it’s useful..

    1. There’s a difference, however… at least the wooden deck chair served a purpose at one point in its existence.

  2. BN (Dis)advantage and its board are controlled by establishment cronies, big government champions, and/or people that romanticize about the past. Therefore, the message and messaging shouldn’t surprise us. Who goes to this website besides local politicians and the self-congratulatory members of the Chamber? I’m not sure a tech company in Columbus, OH is looking at the page saying “Jackpot! We’ve got to relocate to Bloomington-Normal for their amazing quality of life.” The EDC continues spending money on the “message” and “branding” of Bloomington-Normal. Meanwhile, talented people and businesses are fleeing in droves. How hard would it be for the EDC or BN Advantage to come up with a pitch to lure Chicago tech companies downstate? Lower cost of living, lower crime, low startup costs, better schools, Amtrak to the city when you need to. I’m not saying this is the answer or even a viable answer, but I’d like to at least see them try something besides holding hands, singing kumbayah, and selling the community to locals (who by the way aren’t buying it).

  3. My son who is in business for his self will be losing a quarter of his business because a company he serves is moving their business out of the twin cities to another town close by but not close enough to continue to use his services.I wonder why they are leaving? You think some of his employees may be affected? I am guessing the BN advantage will find a right fit business to save their jobs!

  4. THEIR ideal of “right fit” and what WORKS for the economy are two WAY different things. Sad to say that the twin cities has SO MUCH to offer potential employers, but instead, our “leaders” choose what they believe will be “winners” like Rivian and Portillos!
    Meanwhile, Tari and Koos throw money at their brain dead ideals which they “think” will work (sports complex) or talk about “re-inventing” things like Eastland mall. This of course, reflects on their grasp of knowledge of what WILL work, and sadly, reflects badly on the community as a whole.. Hence, things like the EDC, which is a BIG oxyMORON!

  5. Grossinger motors now says under new management and has hidden Grossinger name on signs. Not sure if this will affect colliseum name.

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