Biggest Meth Bust?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph has a story titled:

Police: Meth bust among McLean County’s largest; cases on rise

Quote from the story:

Cagle was jailed in lieu of posting $15,035; Guilliams was released on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond.

I believe Amber Buck and her boyfriend were arrested with 206 grams of meth.  These two had 30.6 grams.  Both Amber and her boyfriend originally had bail set at $500,000.

30.6 grams hardy makes this bust huge, the drugs value was only reported to be $27,000.

Something is WRONG here.

Did the police give the reporter Fake News, and the reporter just played stenographer?

Or did the reporter make up the Fake News headline?

Either way it is still Fake News.

By the way, the reporter is the same one who is covering Amber’s custody case – Edith Brady-Lunny!









5 thoughts on “Biggest Meth Bust?

  1. My viewpoint on this was being 15 feet away from the event as it unfolded. Four officers screaming repeatedly”get out of the car, get out of the car” with their pistols pointed at a black sport utility vehicle. The station was rather busy with people pumping gas. Whether the school directly across the street was in session at 1:20 on Wednesday afternoon I do not know. This could have developed into a horrific situation, was my first afterthought.
    I know nothing of the circumstances, but with the number of bystanders present, it seemed an odd location for that type of arrest. Also a state police car with only police plates to identify it was at the scene. The plates showed it as being from District 11 which is by East St. Louis. I go to Carlock because I consider it safe. Perhaps I should reassess my opinion. Many lives were put in danger for the amount of drugs seized.

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  2. Pantagraph’s rip and read journalism. Rip it off the newswire or have it handed to you by a PR person and print it verbatim. The reporter is a disgrace to the profession and she demonstrates it daily.


  3. Jim has it right. I also witnessed this…the slantagraph must have been spoon fed this one….federal marshals in full gear..bloomington pd in plain clothes…one bloomington officer in uniform..i never saw a 24 yr old in the bad boy mix other than some young officers in plain clothes. Both peeps who had handcuffs looked older than 24 rather in the mid 40’s range.

    Poor lady with IA plates getting gas about had a medical event. There is no good place or way to have a sting operation like this but with the school less than 100 feet away it makes an additional charge..


  4. I saw more than I wanted to, closer than I wanted to be. The actual take down was text book, very quick, expertly executed and highly professional. I just barely had enough time to get scared, didn’t get frightened until afterwards when I realized how much collateral damage could have occurred, myself included. We all must bear in mind that the police have profoundly difficult, and dangerous jobs. We all must help and support them at all times. We all must exercise our citizenship. Bloomington and Normal have not been Mayberry for quite some time and sadly, never will be again.


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