$ 43,585,074!

By:  Diane Benjamin

That is the cost of building the proposed multi-sport complex.

The best part is:

It will NEVER pay for itself!

If anybody supports this proposal they need mental health exams.

More tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “$ 43,585,074!

  1. Guess whose headline says it could succeed! Trump could bring world peace should also be the headline tomorrow, but I doubt the Pravdagraph goes that far. Political possibly? You do the math. Use red numbers with negative signs for this complex. Always public or private or both. Otherwise it would already be built.

    Sharing a Pantagraph Article
    Consultant: $43M B-N sports complex could succeed http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/government-and-politics/article_863a4f8b-9a62-5ede-bc67-1080607860d6.html

    1. From that rag they call a newspaper….from one of the consultants.

      “It’s a long-term investment,” said Eleff. “We don’t expect this facility to ever pay its own debt.”

      Here…Let me post it TWICE just to make sure you read this right

      “It’s a long-term investment,” said Eleff. “We DON’T expect this facility to EVER pay its own debt.” (emphasis mine)

      Good Citizens of Normal: This project is the very definition of failure. How this ever saw the light of day in a council chamber is an insult to all of you.

      Are you seriously going to believe this ‘rising tide’ nonsense these people are trying to sell you – that you will magically fill hotel rooms and stuff your restaurants with sports fans from across this great land?

      Not only that, they think you’re stupid enough to sit still for more tax hikes if need be, should this ‘rising tide’ should fail to appear as hoped.

      This stupid idea can’t die fast enough. Kill it! KILL IT! Kill it as fast as you can!

  2. $ 43,585,074? Really? This is complete and unadulterated insanity. Take anyone who supports this to the nearest mental health care provider or rubber room…before they hurt themselves…

  3. $43,585,074.00 X 20% minimum cost over runs add $8,717,015 = $52,302,088,,,then if it’s anything like the coliseum it’ll open up with 100 or so code violations that will cost more millions later. LMAO at the insanity!

  4. Throwing this grandiose $43mm price proposal out there serves only to make the previous $28mm proposal seem rational. Neither one is, to use a word the democrat socialists love to use, SUSTAINABLE.

  5. Build it elsewhere, they will go!! Utter nonsense, ridiculous, stupidity, unreal, WE CANNOT AFFORD IT!!!!!

  6. IF we have THAT much to just “throw around” let’s pay off the LAST boondoggle (The Markorena) !!
    There is ONE key word that occurs all throughout that article It “COULD” pay for itself.
    And I could fly to Mars…
    And Anna Nicole Smith married for love..

  7. Diane they stated that at the presentation. They also stated big maintenance issues.

    I agree the thing should be DOA for Bloomington. Koos wants his name on something so let Normal do it.

  8. How right you are. If needed let PRIVATE money build it and maintain the facility.  

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