Did the Pantagraph comply?

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the email (printed with permission) from the attorney for Michael Cadena to the Pantagraph reporter who included #FakeNews in her article: I redacted her email address because it isn’t important. The only reason I got involved in this case is because of the reporting by the Pantagraph.  Michael Cadena was […]

Chicago Politics is now local

By:  Diane Benjamin Mclean County used to be insulated from the nonsense going on in the rest of Illinois.  The only reason was State Farm.  Those days are long gone thanks to the exodus of State Farm and big spending Chris Koos and Tari Renner.  Both are Mike Madigan wanna-be’s who think you aren’t entitled […]

Bloomington hides, Normal doesn’t

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council doesn’t think they owe citizens anything.  They can have their “secret meetings” (Executive Sessions) and vote to never release the minutes.  Evaluations from Tom Hamilton are still a secret, of course the David Hales evaluations are a secret too. At the last meeting of the Normal Town Council […]

Today’s hearing for Mikey Cadena

By:  Diane Benjamin One thing everyone must realize is the Cadena-Buck case is not about custody.  It’s about protecting Mikey. Mikey’s dad alleges the McLean County courts have not given the safety of Mikey a fair hearing.  His mom went from being charged with 5 Class X felonies and endangering a child to probation and […]

Non-partisan doesn’t exist Tari!

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning.  He stated elections should be taken away from the County Clerk’s office and put in the hands of a non-partisan election commission. City elections are supposedly non-partisan.  What were the first words uttered by Tari Renner when he was first elected? He announced is was […]

Empty buses! Buy more.

By:  Diane Benjamin The Year End for Connect Transit was June 30th.  Instead of presenting an un-audited statement of revenue and expenses for June, they skipped it. The packet does show total expenses, but that’s only because the Board had to approve payments.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TiC87VqRCaB2wpLhup39CgrsDb2u9SmX/view Payments include:       Income in June of the previous […]