Bloomington’s spending priorities Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

If the new City Manager is able to sell his house in Decatur, maybe he can take David Hales’s house off his hands.  It is still for sale, reduced AGAIN to $245,000.  It started at $279,900 last November.

Tari’s favorite non-profit, Illinois Policy Institute, wrote about Bloomington’s new City Manager, it’s a must read:


How much did disposal costs increase because of the bulk waste policy change?

This is a bill paid in May from before the change occurred:

These are included in Bills and Payroll for Monday:

Employees held another event for themselves, I’m sure this wasn’t the only expense:

Finally, everybody’s favorite waste of money so employees can collect more than they are entitled to when they retire – pension spiking penalties.  Only another $51,068:  (The total penalties to date are well over $2 million now)

I hope everybody has noticed that Tari Renner’s “free business lunches” ended when his PCard got yanked. 

He hasn’t turned in more than 1 or 2 expense reports since his card got taken away.








4 thoughts on “Bloomington’s spending priorities Monday

  1. Tari had FUN, FUN FUN till his daddy took the P-Card Away!
    (Think Beachboys—sorry)

  2. I wonder how many miles of roads in town could have been fixed by this $2 million. If you think about it, how many additional miles of roads could be fixed every year in the state if not for these spiked pensions which will be paid out for life on these individuals and compounded 3% each year?

    Eventually the crisis could get bad enough where people are paying so much in taxes that they will vote to change the state constitution. IL taxpayers will suffer until enough citizens drive change to eliminate the guaranteed 3% increases and other bankrupting provisions.

  3. Presumably, there should be no more charges for bulky pickup until October. Although, who transfers the waste from the City drop off site to the landfill and at what cost?

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