The radicals lose Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

The proposed “welcoming ordinance” is now posted.  Illinois People’s Action, the YWCA, and all the other radicals demanding it will celebrate, but they are the big losers:

The ordinance is a worthless exercise that changes nothing. It only recaps what is already happening. Some flowery Tari language is included only so the radicals can claim they once again defeated the Bloomington City Council.

Read it here:

This was posted on Facebook yesterday.  My sources tell me the writer is employed at the YWCA.  It’s not the same radical as the previous Y employee:

Anybody else see a problem at the YWCA?







41 thoughts on “The radicals lose Monday

  1. The YWCA has been a nexus for local left wing radicalism as long as I can remember.

  2. Reminds me of the old Chairman Mao posters of the Chinese regime. Just needs the “comrade” guy shaking hands with them.
    To show HOW easily these folks can be “led” on, it reminds me of a “coin” or “token” that the Russians presented to workers at the uranium mines in Czech Rep. years ago for 35 years of GOOD SERVICE and the quote around the sides states “Our uranium is mined for peace” OF course it it!

  3. It looks as though our YWCA has become a staging point for Antifa. What is next? Assembled mobs descending on areas and people they don’t like to beat them into submission? And these are the same people who want me to give up my gun?

  4. Your “sources” made an assumption that the admins of the FIST page work at YWCA and are passing it off as fact. My friends that run this page don’t work in the political or nonprofit field at all, so you have nothing to threaten them with. You should also get your facts straight if you’re a “journalist.”

      1. I don’t see any edits from you yet about them not working at the YWCA, which would make you seem more legitimate. Violent threats? They were clearly “threatening” to ban people and delete comments from a Facebook page. Breaking news…

        1. Really? “You are either with us or against us?” Wow…. Maxine Waters encouraging harassment or physical confrontation… MAGA hats being stolen and drinks thrown in the face of teenagers at a burger joint…. politicians and their families being threatened with death…. Trumps spokesperson and her family being asked to leave a restaurant…..etc etc… every day now … Do we not have a pattern here? “You are either with us or against us …. we are not backing down… you have been warned” Yes the far left has left the world of sanity and laws behind.

    1. She is a citizen journalist…. and you? And the real journalists here work at WGLT and the Pantagraph, right? And the establishment here lives in fear of them, right? Or are they shills for the establishment and crony system here and parrot only what they are given? And as with most of the exploding head left in America right now… violence seems to be there next option on the table. In conclusion, if you advocate sedition and do so with the implied threat of violence, you should fear for your job and your freedom. When you get close to an act of treason you should expect that you may be soon paying a very heavy price.

  5. This is a psychological war. Pretty sure that’s how Hitler started. Only instead of the YWCA he used “brown shirts”.

  6. Congratulations to all of you who voted for a go along to get along Alderman and/or Mayor Renner. Bloomington beige…don’t rock the boat, right? Well, our weak local leadership has emboldened these aggressive radical groups.

  7. I have spoken at several council meetings voicing my disapproval of passing any welcoming city ordinance. Unfortunately I will be out of town on Monday and will not be able to again ask our council not to pass this ordinance. It’s a positive that the proposed ordinance under certain circumstances will allow immigration to be involved. What I don’t agree with is the council should not be harassed or bullied into passing the ordinance and yes some council people have been harassed. Send the mayor a strong message council vote no to this ordinance!

  8. It’s ALL really kind of SIMPLE! Just like a rodeo! Get ON or get OFF!
    Wonder what part of this the militant LEFT won’t get?

  9. Why hasnt FB taken down this HATE SPEECH by the Y ? We have been threatened by the left again yet FB continues to support them!

    1. It is really quite simple… Mark Zukerberg (Facebook owner) explained how it works recently when he testified before Congress about how Facebook works. Congress was and is upset about how Facebook is blocking conservative content and favoring liberal content. Diamond and Silk was shut down because they are two black women with a conservative message that the Facebook monitors didn’t like. There are 10K Facebook monitors and they reside in California and they are predominately liberal. So don’t expect them to take down anything from a liberal organization unless it really goes over the top and is pressured to do so.

      Watch Diamond and Silk testify before Congress here if you want to see what they said:

      Yes these two women have left the Democratic Partie’s Plantation and they are not going back. They are awesome!

  10. Democratic “‘Partie’s” (sic) Plantation? What’s the Republican Party? The Reactionary Old Fart Party? Or I’ll voted for a 3rd rate reality “star” who grabs women’s private parts? If someone doesn’t like Facebook get off Facebook. Problem solved. Was that YouTube video a parody? I think so.

    The fact that Facebook along with Twitter was used by the Russians to affect the 2016 election escapes everyone here. I’d be more concerned about how a foreign hostile country elected a president.

      1. We have a really hostile case of Trump Derangement Syndrome here Diane. He/she has been completely brainwashed by the mainstream media… this looks like a hopeless one at this point…. I am not going to respond… anyone who still thinks Russia stole the election is seriously brainwashed and living in an alternative reality.

  11. Again Russia interfered in our election. The fact is that Trump was handed the presidency by a foreign hostile power. No one was told how to vote? Yes they were. Hackers got into the voting database of 26 states including Illinois. None of that has been fixed by your administration. The Russians will be back this November. I guess you’re cool with that as long as things go your why.

    1. voting machines aren’t connected to the internet, no votes were changed by the Russians. Obama did what after they knew Russia was trying? You really need a new media source. At least try getting information from more than one or two.

      1. Our voting records in Illinois are CERTAINLY connected to the internet. The Russians hacked those records. Trump has been president for two years now, he has done zip on the security of those records. How would you like to go to vote in November only to find your name gone from the records? It could happen, Putin wants to instill panic and distrust in the government.

        1. Voting records aren’t VOTES. The hack was way before the election. What did Obama do? Gee, I never got an answer. Not surprising. I hear he told Susan Rice to stand down. Google it.

  12. Stop watching Fox News. 17 Security Agencies know that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election using Facebook and Twitter along with other social media.
    There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Isaac Asimov, Column in Newsweek (21 January 1980)

    You people are some of the most willingly and willfully ignorant people on the face of the Earth. Wake up.

      1. Like I said this is a foaming at the mouth liberal brainwashed person – Trump is Hitler inspite of all the evidence. After I supported Obama (twice) and he turned on me and every working person in the country. Bailed out the big banks, took 2 wars and turned them into 7, turned Libya into a failed state and help spawn ISIS, etc etc… I was not going to be fooled again. In 2004 I was on stage with Obama and his wife and kids…. he lied to me…. he used all of us to get power and then he sided with the rich and powerful. I was not going to make that mistake again. Hillary’s platform was “I’m with her” and I am going protect the rich and keep the TPP intact. I could not support anyone who would support the TPP – it would have killed the rest of the jobs not taken by NAFTA. I made the right decision voting against my lifelong parties candidate. I will help work to reelect him in 2020. So the 9 year old kid who campaigned for JFK when it was not popular to do (he was a Catholic) is now the 67 year old ex-democrat who will be campaigning to reelect Trump (with many in my town hating me for it). And yes Trump inspires me in many ways like JFK inspired me – funny how things turn out.

  13. If the situation was reversed and Hillary won, you’d be on here going on about that fact ad nuseaum. Russians did interfere in the 2016 election and the Trump administration is doing nothing to stop them in November. Other than writing pablum to your true believers you’re not doing anything. I thought you were a hard boiled “journalist”, you’d think that you could dig up some facts. My mistake.

    1. Wrong little one. I’d be wondering how to describe what America used to be, like when laws mattered, to my grandkids I might have someday. I’d be stockpiling history books about the Founders and the Constitution because they will disappear or be rewritten so it doesn’t have to be followed. I would have wondered how American could have been so stupid. I know you won’t, but see what happened to Brazil when they had their own Obama followed by Hillary:

  14. How America “used” to be? You mean during Jim Crow? When blacks knew their place and that place wasn’t the White House? Back when you could not be frightened by scary black men and women? Stockpiling history? What the “history” you want, interpreted by you?

    The Constitution isn’t being followed? Well, you voted for Trump who thinks he’s above the law, that there is no due process. He has thrown people in detention camps who have asked for asylum. Three year olds who can’t speak are being deported in court. The Trump administration was so incompetent that it kept no records of those they arrested (misdemeanors) or where their children were detained in cages. You’re supposed to be Christian. Is this how Christ would behave? He be ashamed. The Founders would be ashamed. You have no soul or heart if you think this is moral. It’s an immoral outrage.

    1. Jim crow was the Democratic party. Conservatives believe everyone was created equal and have equal opportunities. We don’t separate people by race or anything else. That’s your party dude.

  15. I had a friend (no longer) who could not rap her head around the fact that me (a lifelong Democrat who campaigned for JFK when I was 9 years old could vote for anyone other than Hillary – She insisted on sending me articles from the Washington Post – you know Jeff Bezo’s CIA/Deep State Propaganda paper and the New York Times. I kept telling her they were lying to everyone but she insisted that they were telling the truth. We don’t talk anymore. She is in total denial that Hillary was #1 the worst candidate ever to run for president #2 She was a criminal who belonged in jail #3 Her foreign policy ideas (a no fly zone in Syria) were dangerous and crazy. The media has lied to us and divided us… a media that is being run by big money and the Deep State. I feel sorry for Senseless but I can tell you that when they are this far gone there is no reaching them. Even the fact that the investigation has yet to reveal a single shred of evidence of Trump’s “collusion with Russia” after a year and one half, they still cling to the “Russia stole the election” meme. Right now they are suffering from massive cognitive dissonance. Everything they thought and was told was going to happen with Trump being elected was wrong and/or a lie. Turns out he is not Hitler and the country is doing great. He is making peace with the North Koreans, attacking our trade imbalance, creating jobs here at home and finally dealing with Iran. But for Senseless here, he/she thinks impeachment is coming any day now and there will be some huge revelation exposing his relationship with Putin. Everyday these things don’t happen make people like this more crazy… sad in so many ways especially if they are friends or family. Right now they are starting to get really crazy. Trump is going to pick a Supreme Court Justice and their heads are exploding with disbelief and anger. Unfortunately in some cases their anger IS going to turn into violence and with politicians like Crazy Maxine Waters urging them on, we are sure to have someone seriously hurt or even killed soon.

      1. Of course not…. and I have not had a TV in my house for almost 18 years now… so I am a reader….and a researcher… I did not come to these conclusions and get my knowledge from any mainstream media outlet. I always say… turn off the TV… take it to the road… and your IQ will raise immediately.

    1. Yeah sure, North Korea is certainly laughing at Trump today. If the Russia probe is nothing why has Mueller gotten over 13 indictments and as many guilty pleas? Cohen is turning on your silly stupid president who could not be presidential if he tried. Someone seriously hurt? Letting see 5 newspaper reporters were gunned down. You guys certainly have a new boogeyman in a black Congress woman who been around for while. You all scare easily.

  16. Jim Crow had nothing to do with “Democratic” Party. It has to do with intolerant White people like you taking power away from African Americans. You certainly are scared to death of those who aren’t white. The Republicans are the party of reaction and racism, has been since the Nixon administration. Perhaps you can read about the Southern Strategy of the 60’s and 70’s in your stockpile of antique molding history books that tell you what to think.

      1. I can judge your character by what you write, and your writing isn’t consolatory but full of the language of victimization. If this was the 1850’s you’d be a Know-Nothing. Navism in our country along with racism have had a long ugly history. I find the rhetoric here on this blog racist and troubling.

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