YWCA & Jenn Carrillo

By:  Diane Benjamin

I reader sent this to me this morning – it’s a Facebook post:

Since the Pantagraph never credited me for their story, Sarah – how do you know?  Maybe they saw Jenn’s story with the burning limousine and ALSO thought it was a threat!  Even if they did steal the story from me, they thought it was a threat too.

Jenn is so proud of that story she now has it posted publicly so everybody can see it instead of just her friends.

Private social media?  The only private social media is a site only you can see.  Everything on Facebook is fair game, one of her “friends” must have felt it was a threat or I never would have seen it.

How does money offset negative press?  If the YWCA really wanted to promote peace, Jenn Carrillo wouldn’t be working there anymore.

See the original story here:   https://blnnews.com/2018/06/26/jennifer-carrillo-this-looks-like-a-threat/







23 thoughts on “YWCA & Jenn Carrillo

  1. In all fairness, surely the YMCA includes in its mission statement “empower all men”. Right?

    John P. Brown

    1. Here it is from their website:

      Our Mission In Action
      YWCA’s strategic framework is the culmination of consultation and exploration with YWCAs across the country and reflects our legacy as a pioneering organization that squarely confronts social justice issues to make lasting, meaningful change. The focus areas below guide our organization’s collective efforts at the national and local levels, with each YWCA association tailoring its approach to meet their community’s needs.

      YWCA focuses our mission-driven work on these areas to improve the lives of girls and women:
      Promoting equal protection and equal opportunity for people of color
      Increasing economic opportunities for women and girls of color
      Improving the health and safety of women and girls of color


      So it appears to be oriented toward People of Color….?

    2. The YMCA…
      “With a mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all, our impact is felt when an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child and when a community comes together for the common good.”

  2. A fundraiser…..how cute. Maybe the United Way is (justifiably) feeling the pinch and leaning on the YWCA to be a little less subversive.

      1. No kidding…. I have never seen so many people in America acting so insanely in my entire life. The mainstream fake media is driving this of course and it is causing people to think they need to become violent. This is not going to end well. The days of minorities being imprisoned on the Democratic plantation are over. A new America is rising to take its god given place in the world with or without crazies like this woman.

    1. She works for IWU … I wonder if her employer approves of Sarah Lindenbaum being involved in supporting someone who is encouraging violence to people in our government? Sedition and higher education I guess, go together over at IWU?

      1. As more as the leftist lunatics temper tantrum throwing Tari types become known, I look for IWU enrollment to decline just like that Evergreen College on the west coast cause no one wants to send their kid to a school like that. This snowflake thing is so yesterday. Time to grow up and face reality.

  3. It is because of lunatics such as these that the red wave in November is on the horizon.

  4. Marc Tiritilli got a job teaching at IWU? Well I’m glad for their family to have income, but…wow…

    1. I share your shock about IWU, and more importantly joy that Marc landed on his feet. Couldn’t help but wonder if the left took a page from the Godfather…”Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.” Hmm…

      1. No doubt, IWU thinks they can “bring him over to their (dark) side, convert him.” I do believe that MT is stronger willed than they’ve ever met though.

  5. Maybe Marc CAN make a DIFFERENCE and as for all this CRAP that these people from the YWCA spew out. It’s PURE HATE SPEECH! nothing more, nothing less.
    I wonder WHAT Jesus would do? Maybe they follow Abraham or NAW, NOT BUDDAH,
    huh? Wonder WHO is gonna be THEIR savior at the end of the day? El Diablo?

    1. Whatever your religion these, people are hateful monsters who will get what they deserve someday. Give them money to offset the negative press? This like Satan worshipers asking for money at your door to “offset the negative press about hell and the devil”.

  6. I read that in “their” voice – they all tend to have a certain similar cadence to their speech, it usually is stilted like a 5th grader trying to sound smart as well. I’m not sure what causes that, possibly group think, but it might even be something more serious.

  7. I did not know that Marc T. will be teaching there. That said he is a good man and I hope he does well. Perhaps IWU is coming to their senses,,,nah,,,maybe,,,,well who knows. Even so, if IWU gets away from the lunatic liberals and hires more like Marc, maybe an increase in enrollment on down the road. It all depends on how IWU sells their brand.

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