This should make your weekend-if you don’t live in Bloomington

Local elections will be in March of 2019 – Even number Wards. Think you should vote this time?

10 thoughts on “This should make your weekend-if you don’t live in Bloomington

  1. Gleason supports government-led development, which was the only thing that Tari wanted. Someone to push his Downtown, economic, and social engineering of Bloomington. I’m sure the unions and the Chamber regulars are gushing over his “impressive” resume and “vision” for our community and will line up to have their picture taken with this local “celebrity”. The rest of us have common sense.

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  2. So we hired this guy? And he has managed Decatur? Could we not get the person who managed Detroit or Flint MI? You know top of the line folks who can really turn a city into a dumpster fire… Good job boys and girls… we are totally screwed now…


  3. Lawrence, this guy did NOT manage Decatur any more than you or I could punt a football into orbit.
    As for the term “city manager” I think they go on a search for the biggest drooling imbecile they can find. Offer them a huge salary and package and see IF they are greedy enough to take it, AND IF they are DING-DING We have a WINNER!
    I don’t think this guy could manage a rodeo on a merry go round!! .
    Meanwhile Hales is destroying Joliet. WHY in the hell do we NEED a city manager anyway? WHAT is the mayors job? March in queer parades? Make late night threats via phone/email? Disassociate himself from his co workers? Brain wash IWU students? Sell bad art in his city owned office? or just be a plain ole jackass??
    NO, this isn’t a multiple choice question. YA GOTTA pick one!

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  4. I think you might be on to something here… And yes I think the taxpayers paid the bill for our Mayor to march in a queer parade… (we all saw the picture with the rainbow sash on him and the other Mayor) I’m sorry but Mayor Terry does not even remotely represent the regular people of this town. He represents the wack-a-doodle elitist left who think they know what is best for us. And he appears to be as crazy as a rodeo goat.


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