Sonny using Chicago playbook

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sonny’s latest threat after the Dan Ryan was shut down by protesters against gun violence:

Who runs Bloomington?

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20 thoughts on “Sonny using Chicago playbook

  1. This guy is a “teddy bear?” How many “brown people” have been gunned down in Bloomington? On the 4th if July, more than 150 people were shot in Chicago—15 killed. That is hardly comparable to any local immigration issue. It’s bad enough that Bloomimgton had 7 gun violence victims in a 2 week period. Where is the outrage and protest surrounding that issue? Sonny? Jenn? Only “your people” are of importance to you. You are not interested in justice, only making a name for yourself.

  2. I’m not sure what closing of the Dan Ryan did to improve the lives of those on the south and west sides of Chicago. I admit I’m a white male, who’s lived an upper middle-class life. What was the point again of the shut down?

      1. Exactly…And a city with the toughest gun laws in the country… has a problem with people shooting each other.. and their solution will be? What are the root causes of this violence? Is this all about guns? Is it at all about guns? In London right now because of the wave of crazy Muslim knife attacks a knife sales ban is being proposed (you can’t have a gun in London). Is it the knives or the people using them? Is it the guns or the humans using them?

    1. Most protests make the protesters feel good by doing something. At best it brought attention to the violence problem that everyone is aware of but which no one is able to resolve until the root of the problem is solved.

      1. Like a two year old that eventually gets a spanking from a loving parent after the cute stuff wears off so be the Sonny Garcia and Jenn Cerillo types.

  3. Two of your commenters on Facebook. Hi Art! Hi Dave!
    Art: Hope not, Sunny, because I will make a point to tun over your stupid ass. Of course, accidentally.

    Dave: I hope he gets run down by an ambulance.

    Oh the civility.

  4. If Veterans is shut down, this will backfire on Sonny and the radicals. They don’t enjoy as much mass appeal here as they do in Chicago. People in Bloomington-Normal will not stand for this. If Veterans is shut down, Sonny will awake the sleeping giant that is the silent majority.

  5. Was this post a veiled threat to the City Council to vote his way or else?

  6. Tari has, no doubt, almost total responsibly for unleashing a violent, radical, but highly organized, criminal Left upon the Community, empowering some of the most detestable scum imaginable. Unless they are brought to heal very quickly, things could become extremely ugly.

    1. Yes..this has gotten really out of hand here…. yes our Mayor Terry has enabled, empowered and encouraged these crazies. He should be held responsible if anything horrible happens.

  7. Let the ole Watcho shut down Veterans parkway. Then the Pantagraph WILL have to run a story and ALL these back side of the plaster board whack jobs will get exposed like the bed bugs they are. Won’t Tari love that. Maybe on MOnday we’ll have a meeting allowing walking paths on Veterans for protestors and Illegals.
    I’m sorry but THESE “folks” have just gotten WAY out of touch with reality and they don’t even have aluminum foil helmets to protect them-WHICH they SHOULD… They want to DEMAND everything that THEY believe this society wants. Well, I DEMAND the winning lottery numbers so I can hire people to protect me from these nut jobs.
    Shutting down freeways is NOT going to STOP gun violence Sonny boy, and I do mean BOY! The only way you’re going to stop it is to start in your OWN back yard and go from there… Get a cerebellum! And by the way WHAT gang do you belong to?
    Since we’re ALL racists and bigots here I figure you’re in a gang, so just asking?
    I SURE miss Archie Bunker.. He was just plain ole STRAIGHT UP!
    But even the Jeffersons got to “move on up” so is that racist also??
    This is ALL so confusing..
    Maybe Tari can explain all this to us on his next WGLT babble hour..

  8. They did that once, didn’t work..
    Maybe Tari can have a “tolerance training” seminar at the meeting for these folks, and teach them life isn’t ALWAYS fair.
    Even Forrest Gump figured that out..

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