The show is cancelled!


The dog and pony show for tonight has been cancelled.  The meeting would have been illegal because City hall isn’t big enough for everyone to attend that wants to.  Tari knew that when he scheduled it.  The Council now needs and ordinance not allowing Tari to call special meetings without agreement by a majority of the Council.

Holding the meeting anyway would have violated the Open Meetings Act.

A statement on the City website claims it was cancelling because it doesn’t have enough support on the Council.  Holding illegal meetings probably doesn’t have enough support!







Tari couldn’t help but write a proclamation.  See it here:

Quote from Tari:

“I am immediately issuing the attached proclamation, calling upon the people of Bloomington to join together to build a stronger, unified community. I firmly believe this embodies the spirit of our vibrant and diverse City.”

Did Tari miss his buddy threatening to shut down Veterans Parkway?  Tari?  Tari?











  1. Cavewoman says:

    Legal immigration is the law of the land. Glad BPD, NPD and ICE are free to enforce laws for our safety.

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  2. Looks like someone lost? Not enough votes to pass..? Yes, we don’t “Want it in our Town”


  3. I say we use this opportunity to email the NPD and BPD to THANK them for their cooperation with ICE because it protects American citizens. Let them know how much we appreciate them. Be gracious and diplomatic. I’m sure they will love the positive encouragement, especially considering how uncivil, violent, obnoxious, and destructive the liberal progressive marxist democrats are.

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  4. Tari is lying again. This has nothing to do with LEGAL immigrants. They are trying to protect criminal ILLEGAL aliens. Big difference. Apparently he’s not smart enough to know the difference. And he teaches at a university???

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  5. “Not in our town” just took on a completely different meaning… We don’t want your crap in our town…Terry


  6. BN Deserves Better says:

    Tari just can’t seem to sneak this one through despite his best efforts at subverting the process. I’m not convinced he’s lying. I do think the City Council is feeling the heat from constituents, more so based on his words and actions and that of Sonny and Jenn. Notice how Koos put the ordinance in plain sight, said little and moved the ball forward. It’s done and over….heat is off in Normal. Nonetheless, I think Tari didn’t want the ordinance voided or ensuing negative attention when the meeting was deemed illegal. An illegal meeting to protect illegal aliens?! No irony there.

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  7. The mayor’s signature on the proclamation is just like he is. Starts out big and peters out about half way through it. I am not a citizen of Bloomington. Perhaps some citizen of Bloomington can explain to me who runs your city ? Is it a city manager under the supervision and direction of your City Council ? Is it your mayor ?


  8. #pawsw/claws says:

    Renner’s push for this welcoming ordince has always been about a political feather in his cap. Just last week he said he scheduled the Special meeting to have the Council vote the ordinance either up or down. Now he cancels the meeting. He blames it on the Council’s lack of support. Why? He is the one promoting divisiveness. He has been complicit with the radical activists by not denouncing their threats. What has the business community and his financial donors saying?
    Bloomington has always been welcoming and generous. Until recently, Bloomimgton was a peaceful college town. Demanding the Welcoming Ordinance is an insult to the integrity of the entire community.
    I wonder if Sonny and Jenn will continue to cause problems. They claim they will never give up…never stop fighting. My advice would be to stop while you still have some dignity left.

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  9. @tweetiebird says:

    Another news source reported NIOT broke ranks with the coalition by stating NIOT is in favor of the new proposed Ordinance.


  10. Illegal means JUST THAT!! And it’s not just Latinos. How about Russians, Poles, and ANYONE from the 7 countries that Trump has put on his “banned” list.
    NO! I do NOT welcome ANYONE who did NOT go through the LEGAL process and become a citizen. Has anyone checked Taris papers?
    As for ANY legal folks . WELCOME! And they need NOT be afraid of the POLICE or any other “legal” folks.. Pretty simple..Except for Tari. who’s probably off with his rainbow “hi guy” buddy!

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  11. old stanky says:

    Everyday. Literally EVERYDAY! Thousands of United States citizens who break the law go to jail and their children do not go to jail with them. If the other parent or relative cannot take them in, the state takes custody of the child and either way the family is “torn” apart. Where is the lunatic left outrage for these families? Crickets.

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    • You have to remember they just woke up (with a jolt) on the night of November 8th 2016 – they act as if NONE of this EVER went on under the rule of “Saint Barack” – it’s sickening really the way they now howl and moan over everything but nary a peep for 8 years.

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  12. Angela Scott says:

    I still don’t understand. If Tari wanted to lay this to rest why did he say the vote was cancelled because there was not enough support. If they voted it down wouldn’t that have been a way to put it to rest?


  13. So much wasted energy from two mayors of relatively small backwater towns in Illinois tonight. First, from the Prince-ling of the Prairie Tari with his usual nonsense and beating the dead horse of this so-called ‘welcoming’ ordinance into a sticky paste.

    Tari…give it a rest already. That dog ain’t never gonna hunt son.

    Then, from the dark realms of the crazy for Koo-Koos Puffs crowd, chimes King Koo-Koos Puff himself posting his childish tantrum and stomping his feet in utter futility that he cannot influence national policy by one iota. It was embarrassing to read such a post from a civic ‘leader’.

    Chris…you can give it a rest too. You’re either virtue signalling (sad and lame), or deflecting attention away from your $100,000,000 hole. Either way, you’re wasting time and losing whatever little political capital (11 votes) you have left.

    Embrace the suck, kiddies…we’re not done yet!


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