Lesson in why government MUST be limited

By:  Diane Benjamin

Government doesn’t have to be competent, especially when incompetent people are elected!  The City of Bloomington has proven over and over they know where to get more money.


The naming rights for the Ice Center expired more than two years ago.  Pepsi is no longer paying to have their name on the building or to be used in advertising.  The City of Bloomington continues to give them FREE ADVERTISING.   Sweet deal.

Parks and Rec was supposed to find a new sponsor, but they failed.  The job was outsourced to VenuWorks in May:    https://blnnews.com/2018/05/14/bloomington-tonights-council/

Meanwhile, the City continues to use the name Pepsi in advertising:



Sounds like fun!

Pepsi is laughing at the dysfunction of the City.

If past Councils hadn’t decided they needed to entertain people, these problems wouldn’t exist today.  Send Mike Matejka and thank you, he voted for the Coliseum.

If government was limited, the Coliseum and Ice Center wouldn’t exist.  Taxpayers would be a lot richer today too.









4 thoughts on “Lesson in why government MUST be limited

  1. It’s really kind of sad and pathetic, but it’s really sad because we LIVE under the rule of these people – the “smart people” the “adults” as they like to fancy themselves….


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