Water Department and Pension Spiking Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

These projects will be approved Monday:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=18366

Lake Bloomington Water Treatment plant roof:   $323,139.65

Water Main replacement:  $385,075

Professional Services to prepare for another water main replacement:  $30,876.50

If the Council claims the Water Department funds are diminishing and therefore they have to raise rates:

In 2013 $400,000 was “borrowed” from the water fund for road resurfacing, I don’t know if it ever got paid back.

Also in 2013 $ 2,400,000 was LOANED to the Coliseum.  In 2015 that loan was written off.

Source:   https://blnnews.com/2017/02/23/still-confused-about-enterprise-funds/

Next see PDF page 282:

The City is now advertising who is screwing the taxpayers by spiking their pensions.  They actually named an employee and how much his spiking is going to cost you and how much extra a month his pension will garner.

Instead of just changing the policy for all employees, including union contracts during negotiations, it looks like the City wants to shame employees into policy changes.  The council is now the:  No Guts Gang

I’m sure staff will be blamed.  Gee, Nikita Richards is in HR.  Is this her idea?

Is Human Resources going to go back and post the names and amounts of everybody who has already spiked?  Or. are they just calling out individuals they want to expose?







2 thoughts on “Water Department and Pension Spiking Monday

  1. …Or is this employee a registered Republican or some other ‘deplorable’ they feel needs punishment for failing to goose-step in line with the elected ‘chosen ones’, and things will otherwise continue as usual for spiking others’ pensions? That seems more likely…

    1. It’s not about punishment, but about the new law requiring transparency in relation to pension payments. It is not required for union members because their pension spiking is included in their contract.
      There are 200+ employees who are eligible for the immoral practice of pension spiking. If the City Policy is not changed, it will cost $5M+ in tax funded “accelerated payments” in the future. The policy has already cost over $2M.

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