Still confused about Enterprise Funds?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this post from earlier today:

The City is using money you pay for essential services as their own personal piggy bank.  Taking this money allows them to spend it on pet projects, it’s not going to roads.  Remember the Council authorized David Hales to spend up to $50,000 without Council approval.  Very convenient!

I posted a MUCH worse example of this theft on December 13, 2015.

The City “borrowed” $2.8 million from the Water Enterprise Fund.  $400,000 supposedly was used for road resurfacing, but $2,400,000 ended up at the Coliseum.  That happened in 2013.  In 2015 the $2,400,000 “loaned” to the Coliseum was written off when it became obvious the “loan” would never be repaid.

See all the documentation here:

Tari Renner now claims the City has surplus money – in other words they raised taxes more than they needed.

Citizens should demand the Water Enterprise Fund gets repaid!

The City wants to explore other sources for water, they have no credibility raising water fees when they stole $2.4 million from the Fund.

I hope you weren’t waiting around for the media to report this.  It’s not in the talking points the City hands out.



5 thoughts on “Still confused about Enterprise Funds?

  1. The results of the consultant’s fee study for water and sewer has been completed. Raising the fees were discussed at the Council Retreat in November and it was decided (not sure by who) to wait until after the election for the Council to vote. The budget has to be approved in April.

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