Soccer facts plus update on David Hales

By:  Diane Benjamin

Thanks to a reader who sent me this story from the New York Times – dateline CHICAGO:  Maybe this is why the presenter Monday night said the sports complex has to be for more than soccer.



David Hales is acting just like he did in Bloomington! 

He spent $1875 attending a conference in Las Vegas. The economic development guy he went with spent $600 less.











  1. Just shaking my head here, these people (like Hales) are real pieces of work. That is just like BloNo though. What’s next for Bloomington-Normal, a fidget spinner factory? Those things didn’t even last 2 years – maybe they can use part of the pretty much empty old Mitsubishi plant that some people are pretending to make cars in.


  2. garibaldi says:

    No accountability then, no accountibility now. Remember the citizens for for the cities.


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