Jim Karch: Class Act

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night at the Council meeting this was presented:

It’s a huge award!

I know there is tension between Jim and his employees.  They need to see the response I received from Jim when I congratulated him:

Jim has always responded promptly to any questions I’ve asked.  I’ve emailed him on weekends not expecting a response until Monday, he answers anyway.  I’ve told him not to respond until Monday, he does anyway.  I hope knowing Jim gave credit to the whole department helps mend some fences.

There was a funny meme on Facebook last night, I’m sure you can relate:

The roads aren’t Jim Karch’s fault.  He has been telling the Council for years how much money he needs every year just to get all the roads to a poor rating.

Roads have been seriously underfunded for at least a decade.  Funding always increases right before a local election, after the elections funds dry up.

Blame the Council when they are out campaigning.  The roads are their fault for passing the Hales budgets.







8 thoughts on “Jim Karch: Class Act

  1. Gotta spend that money filling up the two giant black holes in downtown… the BCPA and the JudyDome. Seems their massive gravity sucks the money into another dimension never to be seen again.

  2. Jim Karch works miracles with the little resources he is given. And, yes, he always responds to questions or problems in a timely fashion. Public Works, under his leadership, provides the best service possible.

  3. He seems to have an excellent attitude………I would want him on my team……..potholes aren’t his fault…….it’s Tari & the city manager

    1. It’s also the council’s for continuing to allow reckless spending, highlighted with the irresponsible allowance of pension spiking.

    1. They don’t want anything attached to him he is a liar. He lies to council constantly

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