Normal’s pork tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight – two meetings:

Don’t forget this one-the consult will present their findings on building a sports complex here:

Misc money toss:

Did you get your invite? This is only for printing:

Normal allows pension spiking too:

Unlike Bloomington where everything is a secret forever, Normal will be voting to release Executive Session Minutes:

One other note:

The library is going to rent the parking lot of Rutherford Suites for $15,000 a year. The current lot has 39 spaces, with renting the new lot they will have 96. That’s an increase of 57 spaces. In exchange the apartment dwellers will get 69 free spaces in the parking garage.

15 thoughts on “Normal’s pork tonight

  1. I wonder what the consultants will say about the sports complex. Haha! How much will this cost taxpayers now and in the future?! In other news about Normal’s economic and fiscal failures, WJBC is reporting that the Uptown Circle developer is asking for a change in the agreement, reducing the restaurant’s size on the ground floor by almost half to 3,700 square feet. As WJBC reminds us, “The council two years ago approved a deal in which Uptown Circle Development pledged it would bring in a restaurant within six months at One Uptown Circle…” Oops! Guess the consultants were wrong again…fancy that. (Source:

      1. Downtown Bloomington was a ghost town for the bike race. Fewer customers and shoppers than usual. No wonder the Downtown businesses are crabby about hosting events. Great job, Trisha!

      2. You seem to be taking joy (“luckily there is video”) in the mayor wiping out. I’ll say it again: you people have a mean streak.

        1. I know the far left has no sense of humor, but lots of other people found it humorous a grown man would get on a tricycle in the first place. Not being able to keep it upright was all on him. The others didn’t have a problem. Some wondered if he might have hit a pothole.

  2. For several years I was accused of having a mean streak because I spoke the truth, and spoke out when I saw something wrong or illegal. I consider my “mean streak” to be a badge of honor. Diane, you too should consider your “mean streak” a badge of honor.
    Keep up your good work.

  3. Shoot, I’d even find it amusing if a politician I liked wiped out on a tricycle. That’s just good ol’ classic slapstick.

  4. Was Tari wearing a clown outfit and did he have a big oooga, oooga horn on the handle bars. That would fit his demeanor very properly.
    WOW , a bicycle race, I didn’t see ANYTHING in the Pantagraph about that or hear anything. but I DO have a problem with giving $2500 to bike BLONO! Since WHEN do they get entitled to MY tax money, and since KOOS is “vested” in a bicycle shop and such is this a conflict of interest??
    I heard there was some art festival this weekend also, I was busy at the 3rd Sunday market. MUCH more productive.. AND a lot less snobs, since it wasn’t “UPTOWN”

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