Campaigning at the Pride Event

By:  Diane Benjamin

The first annual Pride event turned into a campaign stop.  Featured speakers were:  Tari Renner, Jenn Carrillo, Shayna Watchinski, Nikita Richards, and Julie Blair.

This is the best the Democrat Party has to offer?

Obviously Renner has Trump Derangement Syndrome.  He sported his sash from the gay pride parade he and Chris Koos walked in while they were in Boston attending the US Conference of Mayors.  You need to watch until the end.  Since the video was posted on Facebook, they must be proud of their appearances.

43 thoughts on “Campaigning at the Pride Event

  1. “The WORST of human beings can prevail, we KNOW that from the last election”
    “Tari Renner”
    With that said I think I NEED to take some meds. NOT only did I just waste 8 minutes of my life, but I think I’m gonna be sick…
    The CIRCUS has been to town. Think I’ll go pet animals at the fair….

  2. I just “endured” this video. Reminds me of the teeth-cleaning I’m to get at the dentist in the morning…. anyhow, after 8 mins of watching this. I couldn’t decipher one item any of these loons are campaigning on! But hey – vote for me!!!

    1. Socialist Nikita Richards is campaigning on the fact that she is black and a female and nothing else. So if you are a racist and a sexist you should vote for her!

  3. I watched a couple minutes and then had to turn it off… OMG Watching little Terry flutter his gay pride sash around was enough to make me want to poke my eyes out with an ice pick.

  4. How is this any different than any Trump campaign event? Trump riles up people in his rallies. Are democrats not suppose to have campaign events? Are you telling me that those who are running for local office are not suppose to have campaign events?

      1. If it was or wasn’t a “campaign” event, if there was a crowd like there seems to have been since there was a band, there would have been police presence anyway. Is it you just hate the mayor and anyone who appeared to talk at this event? It appeared to me that all the speeches were informal and off the cuff. It’s also very evident by your post that you hate anything that smacks of approving of gays or anything that isn’t white, strait and evangelical.

    1. The event was a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Jan Lancaster purchasing the Bistro. The “Pride Parade” was added because every big city—of course Bloomington is a big city—has one and Renner attended one in Boston. The LGTBQ group from Champaign and other cities also attended. Renner made the event a political one. He can’t help himself.

    2. @Empyrean–No, the problem is not about “approving of gays or anything that isn’t white, straight and evangelical.” The problem is that a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Jan Lancaster purchasing the Bistro became a political spectacle at the hands of the Mayor. His comments were distasteful, to put it mildly.

      1. Well, the event was co-sponsored by the Democratic party. There was a block party scene with food and drink with several bands. The city had some input into whether alcohol would be served outside, I bet anything that there were other permits the city had to issue for the event. If you go to the Bistro Facebook page Jan Lancaster thanks a lot of other local businesses who were open during the event.

        The mayor was probably asked say some comments to introduce candidates. The jist of the comments? Get out and vote. Distasteful? I watch the speech and I’m still mystified why anyone other than some old old foggies would object.

        1. Tari has a long history of despicable conduct, but of course he blamed Trump. There were Trump voters in the crowd and he offended them. I never expected you to understand, you didn’t disappoint.

    3. Take some time to go to YouTube and watch some of the #walkaway videos. They really tell the story of what is going on here and how the Democratic Party has been pushed into a place that many many Democrats and Independents DO not want to be. Although I didn’t walk away recently, I did walk away before the last election. This is a 50 plus year Democrat and yes I was once a union organizer walked away from first the turncoat Obama and then the Criminal Hillary. I will never go back to the Democrats… never… If you are a Democrat and you are seeing the world through the lens of the mainstream media please take the time to watch this:

  5. Tari forgets there are millions of gay Trump supporters too – several of whom were in attendance this weekend, only to see Tari call them “the worst of humanity.”

    Fun times, Tari. Fun times.

  6. What business would want to move to Bloomington where the Mayor behaves in this fashion.
    Attending the event shows the Mayor’s support. Congratulating Jan Lancaster on her success at filling a need would have been adequate. Show some class and restraint, please.

    1. Agreed. Nothing against Jan. Tari needs to be more supportive of businesses across the board, rather than treating them like political tools. I suspect Downtown will eventually adopt the Uptown approach of screening business tenants for the “right fit” by making them pitch to the local government. God forbid we let consumers/shoppers decide the right fit.

  7. Wish Tari was pro-business across the board. Apparently, you have to be his friend, political supporter, and/or represent an approved voting block before he cares.

  8. Jenn wants to be the first “openly queer” seated on the city council. Lol. Ha, Ha,,,,,,,,,,Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaahaha,,,,,crying,,,,,,hahahahaha,,,,,LMAO,,,,,,,,,,haha,,,ha,,,ha,,,,oh, splittin’ a gut here. Some people just don’t know anything about how to present oneself when the cameras are rolling most of the time. Lol.

  9. I don’t know what Trump Derangement Syndrome is, but your President is not a Christian. Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” A lot of stone casting going on here, too. Romney 2020!

      1. Ah…good one, Diane. But, I’m not judging. What the President does and what he says are two different things. He’s simply not very Christian…and certainly not a church goer. It might help him govern if he had some contemplative, quiet, humbling moments in a church of his choosing.

    1. The current President is EVERY US citizens’ President. If you are not satisfied, vote him out at the next Presidential election. Throwing hissy fits accomplishes nothing but making one look like a two-year-old.

      1. Sounds like “Serving Him” wants Trump to just lay down and take his daily beatings and keep quiet, that’s what is meant by wanting to be humble and take quiet contemplative moments – uh not gonna happen – this is why Trump has prevailed against the constant daily abuse from the left and their propaganda arms the MSM and the entertainment industry – of course Serving Him prefers nice little milk toasts like Romney and JEB! and the gang – the swamp creatures who wear the guise of non swamp creatures and yet are right in the thick of the swamp as decoys – they thought they were clever until they were smoked out this past election cycle.

    2. One can love Trump, hate his guts or whatever in between, but that doesn’t change the fact that Dems and leftists are far more ‘false-prophet-y’ than he is. Their ‘war on poverty’ has only expanded it while making most Americans poorer. They claim to be open-minded but demonize anyone who dares to disagree with them. They claim to be ‘for the people’ while they champion socialists and socialism, afaik the only ‘ism’ with a higher death toll than Nazism. They claim to support the environment then pass ordinances to increase pollution and waste. And the list goes on…

  10. Jenn Carrillo has her friends fund her move to Ward 6 just prior to the deadline for residency to run for office. Legal, yes. Honest, No. She misrepresents other information as well.
    Nikki and Shayna were behind the “Sisterhood” FB page that attacked all of the mayoral candidates except Renner. If anyone commented about Renner, the comments were deleted and the poster was banned.
    Shayna was the person who took a fraudulent photo of the current County Clerks table at some event and sent it to the media.
    These are the type of people Renner believes represent all that is good in Bloomington.
    They may represent progressives but they do not represent all that is good in Bloomington.

    1. A gay bar downtown Bloomington, west side of main a block or two north of the square. Kind of dive-y. (Not saying that as a critique, just describing it, in case somebody was picturing something more ‘uptown’.) Don’t know if they still do, but they used to have a fun Bingo night on Thursdays. (And no, no innuendo there, just a fun crowd playing a fun game.) Also has a small karaoke stage and dance floor. So Tari and his circle may be a bunch of bleeps, but I have no beef whatsoever with Jan, Bistro, or its clientele.

  11. The BPD should present Tari and the local Socialist Democrats a large bill for what was supposed to be a community event which was turned into a political rally/hate event. Hey Tari… what’s the penalty for sedition?

  12. Last time I was drankin’ at the Bistro, Jan was supervising the bar. She short-changed the man buyin’ me a beer . . . with the most contemptuous attitude after he asked for his change from a $20.

    She claimed it was a $10 that he paid with. Her nasty attitude was ridiculous. She was hostile toward the two of us because he was a gay man buyin’ a straight lady a brew. We laughed at how kinda evil she is. He was an old-timer that maybe there’s history I don’t know. Most of the old-timers will remark that she’s a shyster.

    The fun mostly cash businesses have in downtown Bloomington. Demand taxpayers spend for their police protection and reap tons of cash. I think it’s time for a sales tax audit. One that compare the liquor distributors invoices to their sales.

  13. The Democrat Party in what they stand for today welcoming illegal immigrants in and wanting open boarders with pro-gay agenda has nothing to offer that benefits the future for our cities or country. Hopefully after this November election they will see that they are heading the wrong direction and are totally out of touch with the voters!

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