A mere two weeks ago CITYWATCH dropped the Hile Bombshell – an expose’ that revealed a multi-levelled, multi-layered and multi-year plan that exploited two entire communities, slanted objectives, and distorted the process in which to get there.

What was essentially a confession of sorts, no less an admission of facts, local consultant/facilitator, Julie Hile of the Hile Group, disclosed a plethora of what were apparent strategic secrets and measures to colleagues used to achieve what we now see as the new “Uptown Normal”.  The corrupted process was, in Hiles words, “just turning the corner” to head south to Bloomington when liberty reared its passionate head.  They got as far as introducing infamous planner, Doug Farr and his plan, but it hasn’t gotten much farther. While a few components have made their way into the community piecemeal, for the most part, its progress has been limited, to say the least.
But disturbingly, while the video presentation filmed by the Congress of New Urbanism has made its way to the viewing screens of every Council member, and given the level of the information and its damning impact on what’s been going on, the silence by local Council members has been deafening.  Of nine Council members in Bloomington, a mere three have responded with concerns – I’ll leave you to guess which three.
I will reiterate that we have emphatically stated over and over what was occurring, how and why. As far back as two years ago the alarm was being sounded by others publicly of the dangers we now see manifest in Hiles’ procedure. The video below highlights, at the time, local consultant and prophetess, Kathy Michael, who presented this dissertation at Freedom Night :
Michael’s prophecy lie in her caution about the very foundational rights that could be in danger as a result of Form Based Code and what we now know as simply a tool to implement Agenda 21, and what Hiles’ procedure promotes but yet works hard to veil from the public.
Repeatedly ignored then, and now, as the evidence is overwhelming, ignored still. It raises serious questions and concerns about the very allegiance some council members pay homage to and who they really represent?
Those silent six may have reservations about reacting or responding based on a host of reasons – that’s understandable. Or, maybe the silence has been “suggested”.  And, its possible that they still just don’t believe or want to admit that we were right all along. In any event, there are questions that deserve and warrant answers. And the longer those questions and concerns go unanswered, the more obvious it becomes that the representation of a majority of Bloomington City Council may not lie in the best interest of the citizen or the community despite what is said publicly.
And the more protracted the delay, project after project comes to vote that continues to be related to and associated with the distorted process that led a majority of Council to believe the objective is above-board.
Such may not be the case.
It’s time to be accountable to the citizen and the community and its time for the matter to be publicly addressed.
Who do they represent?
Of the people, for the people,
and for the good of the community.

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