4 Days and Counting – NO Wind Energy! Update #3

August 9, 2012

DAY 6!  Investigators are now looking into what’s going on-hopefully more information today.  One possible theory: The contract to sell electricity has expired and they don’t presently have a customer to purchase the electricity.

The Carlock Wind Farm has not been operating for at least the last 2 days either.  The 2 are not owned by the same company.  White Oak by Carlock was developed by Invenergy and is operated by NextEra.

Make that 5 days and counting!



Wind turbines east of Bloomington haven’t operated in the last 4 days.  It’s difficult to keep track of who owns them now, but I think it is Energias de Portugal with an office in Bloomington.  I can not find a contact number for them.  If anyone knows how to contact them, I’d love to know why they aren’t producing!  YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!

Here’s an interesting article on wind turbines: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2012/05/30/wind-power-may-not-reduce-carbon-emissions-argonne/

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  1. Like most things these days, follow the money. The massive transfer of wealth is upon the USA. The glo-bull-ists are stealing Americans blind!

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