Pantagraph fails to report again-Wind Energy

by:  Diane Benjamin The article published September 5th was a glowing endorsement of wind energy – typical left wing propaganda.  Here’s the subsidy facts according to the US Department of Energy and Institute for Energy Research: Federal Subsidies for electric power – fiscal year 2010 Total in millions $                   $ […]

BREAKING NEWS! GREEN is DEAD – Update it’s back alive

by Diane Benjamin At 10:00pm last night the east side was peaceably dark, no red blinking lights.  At 6:00am this morning they were back – yes the windmills are turning again.  If you don’t understand that Wind Energy is not sustainable due to the high cost, watch this video. At least T. Boone lost his […]

4 Days and Counting – NO Wind Energy! Update #3

August 9, 2012 DAY 6!  Investigators are now looking into what’s going on-hopefully more information today.  One possible theory: The contract to sell electricity has expired and they don’t presently have a customer to purchase the electricity. The Carlock Wind Farm has not been operating for at least the last 2 days either.  The 2 […]

ISU and Pantagraph Bull***t UPDATE

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee has held hearings on Obama’s WAR on COAL. Is GREEN ENERGY worth the cost?  It’s not the “Do Nothing” Congress – it’s the “Do Nothing Senate” John Boehner’s Office sent the following email today:   #WarOnCoal     Energy & Commerce Hearing Highlights Obama Administration’s “War on Coal,” Expected […]

Green Energy? Not When It’s Windy! UPDATE #3

Today is 6/29/2012 – 9:45 am.  I can see at least 30 windmills from my house – east of Bloomington.  NONE of them are turning.  Congress at some point will decide whether to continue subsidies.  Make sure your congressmen votes NO!  Enough wasting the taxpayers money!   Windy day – windmills shut off.  At 6:30pm […]

Renewable Energy Charade-Comparing Apples to Orangutans

One of the most important energy matters to accurately understand is that popular “renewable” electrical energy sources are not even remotely equivalent to our conventional energy sources. Not. Even. Close. Of course renewable lobbyists don’t want consumers and politicians to be aware of that reality, so they go to great lengths to disguise it. Everything […]