Pantagraph fails to report again-Wind Energy

by:  Diane Benjamin

The article published September 5th was a glowing endorsement of wind energy – typical left wing propaganda.  Here’s the subsidy facts according to the US Department of Energy and Institute for Energy Research:

Federal Subsidies for electric power – fiscal year 2010

Total in millions $                   $ per Mwh

Oil and Gas                                      $ 654                                  $ 0.64

Hydro-power                                        215                                     0.82

Coal                                                  1,189                                     0.64

Nuclear                                             2,499                                     3.14

Solar                                                    968                                 775.64

Wind                                                  4,986                                  56.29

Wind makes total sense – if you are trying to destroy the country!  $16 Trillion in debt, and our government is promoting the second most expensive energy source possible.  They threw away BILLIONS of dollars on solar and they continue to throw away money on wind.  If you fall into the “save the planet” class, do more research.  The temperature isn’t rising any more than normal.  Global cooling went to global warming and then to climate change.  Trees and stumps have been found in melting glaciers, polar bears are not in danger of extinction – weather and climate happen.  The programs to date have had NO impact except make us all poorer.  If you still want to buy into the hoax, trace it back to the beginning – the United Nations.  Browse the World Socialist website:  The article on capitalism being the cause explains why our country is the target, after all, making people prosperous around the world destroys the globe.  Poverty is preferable.  Interesting to note:  US incomes have fallen significantly in the last 4 years, coincidence?

How about getting information from another source:

Studying what happened in Europe – especially Spain when they drank the wind kool-aid – could have been a guide.  But spending by government to get out of a recession  has never worked, but we did it anyway.  I forgot, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, Barrack Obama 2008.

He was much smarter than everybody else who tried the same sham policies.

Excerpts from the American Thinker article:

They [Spain] are also trying to warn us. There has been a tsunami of solar bankruptcies in Spain as subsides have been cut. One Spanish newspaper had a headline, “Spain admits that the green economy sold to Obama is a ruin .” That is the same snake oil he is trying to peddle to Americans.

Obama never seems to learn while in office. He will again double down on the failed policies that have already caused a great deal of damage and will be even more harmful in years to come as we follow the Spanish model.

[Professor] Calzada ended our conversation with a poignant question: why are we trying to harm ourselves?

A better question for Americans might be: why is Obama trying to harm us and how do we stop him?

Much of the ‘Green’ Energy propaganda in McLean County originates at ISU.  Not surprising since they invited a self-proclaimed communist to speak on campus. See previous post:

Couple more notes:

Some GOP members of the US House from Illinois still support wind energy.  Maybe somebody should ask them if ‘All of the Above’ includes massive wind subsidies because family members have turbines on their land.

ComEd and Ameren have 20 year contracts to purchase solar and wind electricity at $52/MWh.  Prices for electricity since they signed have dropped to a tiny fraction of that amount.  Meanwhile, cities all over Illinois have voted for aggregation – this takes money away from them.  If more cities approve aggregation, Ameren and ComEd won’t have the money for renewable energy.  The turbines won’t be turning is nobody is buying.

Final note:  The wind farms in McLean County were required by the County Board purchase a bond to cover d-commissioning costs.  Is the bond still in effect?  Has it been renewed?  My sources say they usually are for no more than 5 years.

Ending Wind Energy subsidies is the ONLY way to protect the future,  tell your legislatures to end Production Tax Credits NOW.

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