The Rodney Davis Pick – the back story

by Diane Benjamin

This information comes from a very reliable source:

Habeeb Habeeb, GOP chair of Champaign County, apparently aggravated the other 13 County GOP Chairs with his superiority attitude and multiple radio interviews.   They refused to support his candidate-Erika Herald-because of him!

Champaign County had the weighted vote because of the number of primary voters in their district.  For a group looking for a candidate capable of working with others, Habeeb Habeeb evidently can’t.  Sounds like the meeting may have been heated, because it took 3-4 ballots to pick Rodney.

I’m thrilled Jerry Clarke was rejected.  Rodney Davis has been in politics a long time and has helped other conservatives with their elections.  He will do well against Dr. Gill, after all Tim Johnson has defeated him 3 times.  Rodney won’t have a problem either.  Americans are in no mood for big spenders, social engineering, government picking winners, divisive language, and attacks on traditional America.  This is what Dr. Gill brings to the table.

For those familiar with the weaknesses of the Champaign County GOP, it appears the newly elected chairman will continue on the same path.  It’s really awful for conservatives who must live in Illinois, but we can be thankful we aren’t in Champaign County.

Good Luck Rodney!  Make your twins proud.


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