Local RINO’s: Painting with Bold Colors isn’t allowed

By: Diane Benjamin

The biggest reason people refuse to call themselves Republican is because the Republic Party is the do-nothing party when they have the reins of power. DC Republicans voted dozens of times to end Obamacare when their votes were meaningless. When they actually were able to end this healthcare disaster and replace it with free market legislation they failed. The same history is repeated over and over with issue after issue.

Now a local group of so called Republicans with no allegiance to preserving freedom and liberty for posterity wants mediocre enshrined in the local GOP. That won’t take much effort. Other Republican counties in Illinois have passed gun sanctuary ordinances to protect the 2nd Amendment against the democrat gun grabbers. McLean, nothing. Making waves to protect freedom isn’t the local Republican agenda.

As Reagan said: “. . . . raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people”. In 1984 Reagan won 49 states on this policy. Conservatism wins.

What is the difference between the local democrats and the local republicans? Anybody? Does Dan Brady fight the democrats in Springfield? Pale Pastel Dan never does, he didn’t even run for re-election on standing up to their ridiculous priorities. What makes Dan different from Democrats? Because he votes no when it is completely immaterial since Republicans are in a huge minority. Republicans always will be because they stand for nothing.

Is Jason Barickman any different? If I remember right, he was appointed to fill the House seat of Shane Cultra who was a true conservative. Cultra was appointed to replace Dan Rutherford in the Senate when Dan was elected Illinois Treasurer. Barickman has long been rumored to want to be governor, so he took his first step and immediately ran against Cultra for the Senate seat. He stabbed “Mr. No” by campaigning with his baby. Barickman’s priorities aren’t painting the GOP with bold colors, they are advancing his own political career.

WGLT did a story on the Lincoln Club of McLean County: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2021-05-28/lincoln-club-hopes-to-save-mclean-county-from-hollowed-out-political-center

Never heard of them? Heard of the Lincoln Project full of pedophiles formed only to oppose Donald Trump?

Meet the McLean County version:

Leaders from the Lincoln Club of McLean County pose with former Gov. Jim Edgar and state Sen. Jason Barickman at their recent event.

As far as I know there are no pedophiles in this group, but Jim Edgar has the historic blame for the current pension crisis in Illinois. https://www.illinoispolicy.org/former-gov-edgars-compromise-pension-plan-led-to-illinois-fiscal-crisis/

Edgar retired at age 55 having never worked in the private sector. He is collecting at least 2 State pensions worth well over a million dollars.

Kathleen Lorenz is quoted in the story:

“We don’t want to see a hollowed-out center,” Lorenz said. “Regardless of whether either party is right now, it’s important to have a safe space for constructive conversations.”

Of course those “constructive conversations” don’t apply to her fellow Trustee Stan Nord. According to Kathleen, Stan isn’t acting like a Trustee because he does “paint with bold colors”. Most people call it common sense, Lorenz would eject him if she had the power.

Never-Trumper Pat Brady was part of the group too. Judy Buchanan who had no problem sitting on the board of Connect Transit wasting close to a million dollars a month is also pictured. So is Sonja Reece who had no problem with Uptown spending while the rest of Normal crumbled and police and fire pension funding cratered.

The first event held by this group was held at the Bloomington Country Club. That speaks volumes, they are elitists who want you to know they are superior to you peons.

Illinois Sunshine only reports one contribution to this group – March of 2020:


Republicans in Illinois will always be a minority with leadership like this. There isn’t a conservative in the group. Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump both proved conservative principles work. American First. McLean County first. Nobody pictured comes close to promoting conservative values.

What is the difference between Democrats and RINO Republicans? None.






9 thoughts on “Local RINO’s: Painting with Bold Colors isn’t allowed

  1. Well there is yor snapshot of local out of touch 100% All White™️ Privilege for ya ! Bless every one of them for their well intentioned DECADES of service. Fact : everyone (‘cept Barikmin) in that pic has had a good slice of public/elite pie for a looooonnnnggggg time and is more than willing to stagnate in place for as long as it takes 😂. I was a child when the people in that pic were ‘leading’ in our community. I’m now retired and these people are still running things (into the ground) . Lincoln Republicans … pfffft – these gals prolly worked on Lincoln’s first campaign !


    1. BCC is the home office for the Elitist Clique. Citizens have no idea how many decisions have been made for the rest over steak, lobster and cocktails or on the back nine. It is likely where the final decision to welcome Rivian was made there but not until to there was a final understanding of how they could all profit from its presence. The Clique has always loved the local economic stagnation. It allows them to pick winners and losers. With just a few employers controlling the wage scale, it allows the Clique the power to keep the riff raff out of their own neighborhoods and to control the local economy oligarch style. It’s been here since I was born and will still be an entrenched part of BN long after I leave and eventually, die. All hail the Elitist Clique!

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      1. False. BCC has nothing to do with how ANY of this works. Perhaps , 10-15 years ago many civic minded citizens belonged there and made a few plans for the betterment t of the city. But that was back when a membership was $16K and a 7 year waiting list . long gone- along with the influence ,BCC hobbles along as a zero-Down / dues only/ klubhouse for darn near anyone willing to sign up .
        One is much more likely to see an overweight tradesman in cutoff overalls doing a canonball at the BCC pool than any real pilars of the community making TIF deals on the golf course these days.


  2. The difference between republicans and democrats –
    Leading republicans is like herding cats
    Leading democrats is like herding lemmings

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  3. Creating political groups outside of the Republican party is just further splintering the conservative base. There are two reasons this splintering occurs.
    1.) Disgruntled Republicans looking for a party/group that practices what they preach.
    2.) Anti-Republicans taking advantage of the above Republican dysfunction by creating/funding political “splinter” groups to divide conservatives and their donations.

    Both reasons greatly benefit the Democrats by following the logic of “United We Stand, Divided we Fall”.

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  4. McLean County Republicans, and also a good many of Illinois Republicans as a whole, have basically functioned as the Washington Generals for the Democrat Globetrotters for a LONG time. They know their part in the show, and they play it well for the most part. They aren’t ever going to win, but that’s ok with them, because they still get paid, and still get invited to the parties, and get plenty of perks. Weak and limp is how I unfortunately see a good many of the McLean County area Republicans and a good many of those in other areas, not all, but those who are actually strong are constantly met with opposition or simply non-compliance by their own fellow Republicans. They are one reason I have 100% left the Left, but have not embraced the Republican side in full, they are for the most part, too pastel. I embrace those who are bold and paint with bold colors.

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  5. I sent this to Jason Barikman. Feel free to use it. Also send to Brady

    Why Didn’t You Stand In the Gap for Parents?
    Please do me a favor and read this article.
    Obama’s education guidance was terrible policy — and it’s about to come back | TheHill
    It appears to many that republicans are leaving this coming fight up to the parents.
    I would like to know if you will be on the front line of the demonstrations as our kids go back to school to learn to be racists in the guise of the new Illinois Teaching Standards.
    Or will you be in the back row clapping your hands and wishing us well?

    You should be ashamed of yourself for not pursuing legal action on this BEFORE it came to our classrooms.
    It was illegal, it is illegal, and it will be illegal in the future yet I hear NOTHING from republicans about pursuing legal action against these things.

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