If you don’t want to be heard laughing, only watch this alone

Looks like all democrats don’t think the same:

Council Meeting January 19, 2021 https://youtu.be/uB9SGVWbytI

Pritzker Budget talk, June 1, 2021 https://www.facebook.com/GovPritzker/videos/542249500299020

More below. (It could have been longer)

Council discussion starts at 1:22

1:59  – Nord – Motion to pay off debt

2:12 – 6-1 vote against paying off debt early.

Pritzker and Nord believe paying off debt early is responsible, others don’t.

2 thoughts on “If you don’t want to be heard laughing, only watch this alone

  1. Smith, McCarthy and Huhn are accounting professionals… Accounts are taught where to put numbers for financial reporting, PERIOD! Being an accountant does make one fiscally responsible or mean they know how to make money.

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  2. The wisdom or responsibility of paying off debt early is all about opportunity costs. If paying off your 2% interest mortgage means you have to borrow at 5% to buy a car or you cannot pay off your 18% credit card, then paying off that debt early is not a good choice.
    The real issues here are ones of transparency and trust. They say paying off the debt is not a good choice, but they don’t provide adequate reasons Why. And yes, it is possible there is a good ‘why’ that they cannot tell us about, but the council has a history of not making decisions with the best interests of the townspeople as their primary goal, so I’m sure I’m not alone in not trusting this hidden ‘why’. This is underscored by the fact that if there is indeed some confidential ‘why’ that some council members seem to be privy to, why aren’t All council members aware of it? I’m sure if there was some impending major expense or good reason we should not pay off the debt early, Stan would gladly back off in his criticisms because the best interests of the townspeople Are Always his primary goal. Any questionable decision where Kevin and Stan clearly both agreed on the best direction might still be a topic for conjecture, but at least there would be no wondering how much the elites were ripping off the taxpayers this time around.

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