Take this to the next School Board meeting

Masking kids is child abuse.

Fauci knew it 15 months ago and let the nonsense continue anyway.

District 87 School Board meeting is June 9th: https://www.district87.org/domain/138

The Unit 5 School Board meeting is June 16th:  https://www.unit5.org/cms/lib/IL01905100/Centricity/Domain/79/Board%20of%20Education%20Meeting%20Schedule%202020-2021.pdf

Outside of Bloomington-Normal? Check your school’s website.

Demand no masks ever!

4 thoughts on “Take this to the next School Board meeting

  1. Epidemiologists that were truthful said masks were a joke from the start. One said wearing a mask was like putting up a chain link fence and expecting it to prevent flies from flying through it. Government public health organizations have been a joke on every level since they were introduced. Ask any real health professional and they will tell you they are the perfect landing spot for the incompetent and the less skilled in the profession.

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  2. It was so unfortunate that Covid broke out just prior to an election.
    It spawned the most massive reality alteration event known to mankind.
    The CCP and the democrats will be forever indebted to each other.

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  3. Most current school boards have shown that their primary goal is Not the best interests of the children. Unless you know a specific board member or school official actively advocated for the kids’ best interests rather than the best interests of the various fear-mongers, opportunists, etc. they need to go.
    *Actively Support* good candidates.
    *Actively Recruit* good candidates.
    *Actively Become* good candidates.

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