Useless GOP – Barickman’s replacement

By: Diane Benjamin

Even with FAR better choices available the County Chairs who decided who would serve for 2 years went with the establishment:

Tom Bennett

Rumor is that Dan Brady pushed Bennett. Bennett doesn’t inspire anybody. He did have a guy in his district ready to take his House seat, so of course that guy voted for him. (Self-Serving)

These people had a chance to choose REAL CHANGE, they chose to stay in the permanent minority instead. Bennett will do nothing to turn out voters or grow the party – he has a track record.

If you vote straight Republican you are the problem.



19 thoughts on “Useless GOP – Barickman’s replacement

  1. My dog is smarter than the local good old boy network of the GOP. The dog has never bit the hand that feeds. And my dog knows how and where to take care of it’s business.

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  2. Recycling the same people and expecting a different result….they’re blind to their own ignorance. I‘ve lost hope in the Republican party changing.


  3. They raised their salaries $12,000.00 annually? They must have realistic inromation on the reality of Bidnen inflation numbers that they are not sharing with us. Imagine that!


  4. WOW! Same thing happened in Sangamon County. That’s where they unanimously backed Richard Irvin. One applicant for State Rep Tim Butler open seat says on of the questions was WHAT KIND OF REPUBLICAN ARE YOU. THEY said they felt like the jist was Are you a TRUMP Republican. Heavens, we can’t have that. I am a Latina, handed in my application and never even got a call. In the ILLINOIS Times, a liberal local rag, Diane Bargurti Sangamon County Chairman said she wanted someone Amicable like Butler. (He voted for the gas tax hike) and illegally used they Il GOP Not for Profit status for his mailers. Butler was also the FACE of the REPUBLICAN Ethics Committee, you can’t make this stuff up!

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  5. Bennett is familiar w Springfield and doing a pretty decent job… and a logical, dependable pick. I like Stan but maybe he should run for higher office. We shouldn’t think he’s entitled to a promotion like this. .


  6. The RNC in Illinois, is “probably” in the on the game with the DNC. Financially motivated/on the take/or just motivated to be weaker then necessary allowing the DNC to run Illinois especially Chicago, central and northern Illinois like the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta of Italy is today.

    Until the nest is burned out, all the food is cleaned up and the cockroaches are gone. Nothing will change. Illinois is simply an English speaking third world corrupt city state, full of corrupt politicians and businessmen that are keeping citizens from being able to have any semblance of a true free Republic, successful and prosperous lives, and freedoms from government control.

    Just look at the map for various state election jurisdictions. Gerrymandering much?

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