Is your church a-political?

By: Diane Benjamin

15 Million Christians aren’t registered to vote (2019):

40 Million Christians didn’t vote (2020):

Romans 13:1

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

I was told a pastor’s wife contacted local churches before last November’s election simply asking them to participate in a community wide prayer service. The caller was told by many they “don’t do politics” in their church. The participants at that service simply prayed for all candidates while asking God to allow HIS choices to win.

How do God’s choices win when Christians sit out elections and churches are silent?

Separation of church and state isn’t in the Constitution. The IRS isn’t going to remove any tax exemptions because of what is said in a church. 1500 pastors dared them back in 2012 by sending copies of their sermons to the IRS – none were investigated.

I left a church a decade ago because the pastor “forgot” to include a prayer the Sunday before a national election.

Re-read Romans 13:1.

If God institutes governments, does God want a-political churches?

Obviously NO.

Without Christian influence governments have no moral compass.

If you are a Christian who doesn’t do politics, politics is going to do you anyway. Ungodly people will continue to pass ungodly laws. Those ungodly laws and people rule you too. God does not want you to stay silent. God wants you to vote for truth and the Bible.

The local churches have another chance soon because local elections are in April.

The author of the current chaos isn’t GOD. Talk to your pastor or find a church where God’s word matters. God allows people to win elections he doesn’t want because HIS people don’t “do politics”. Change that starting in April.

If Christians vote in April, the turnout for local elections won’t be dismal. Read Romans 13:1 one more time. You can be subject to governing authorities that God allowed to be elected because you didn’t vote, or subject to God-fearing authorities because you did your homework and did vote. Chaos is easy to conquer.

(Don’t get me started on Psalm 139:13)

30 thoughts on “Is your church a-political?

  1. I can’t recall an exact quote but John Adams once wrote something to the effect…….”our constitution is only good for governing a religious moral people. It is inadequate for all others.” We are very definitely in the ‘all others” category now!!!!!

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      1. Diane I think you’d like our church here in Florida. The pastor won’t marry gays or all those other things, he keeps a small carbine in the pulpit “just in case” and he knows how to use it. One if not two armed ushers check the perimeter during services. Sad it needs to be that way but at least we feel safe in this secular world.

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  2. 100% Diane!
    Christians should not adhere to the ancient, pre-democracy beliefs on the relationship between political leadership and the church.
    At the time of the early church no one had the ability to vote for their leaders. Autocratic leadership was either appointed, inherited, or by conquest, so the only input Christians had was through prayer, often under the fear of persecution. And as you say, God establishes our authorities and the current one is democracy, so we need to follow his will and participate as democracy and God requires.

    I think that there are four reasons that people think politics and the church shouldn’t mix.
    1. Pastors don’t want to offend their membership.
    2. Anti-Christians fear that a voting church will express their will. They want us to be quiet.
    3. (related to #1) Sometimes our passions cause us to be angry and anger causes us to lose sight of the ultimate purpose and the eternal authority in a Christian’s life.
    4. Laziness. Saying “it’s God’s will” is a way to justify avoiding difficult decisions or getting off the couch.

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    1. I wish people would learn and stop saying “democracy” when talking about the United States. We are not, never have been, and hopefully will never be a democracy! The forefathers knew that danger. Its what the left is trying to make us in order to destroy what us. We are a Democrat Republic. There’s a huge difference. Democracy equals mob rule. Republics are rules by law.

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  3. Talking heads are continuously claiming “democracy” because the mob rule mentality is the psych op against the “republic for which it stands. “

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    1. Fromhere…….churches that embrace today’s social liberalism as demonstrated in part by gay marriage, homosexual acceptance, transgenderism, and female clergy have been infiltrated.


  4. Fromhere……it all has to do with the degradation of morality as known in Christian Western society, they are the principles on which this nation was founded and of which are assumed to be present for our constitution to function. Without that morality and the tenants and values it imparts America will cease to be. We will go from a Constitutional Republic to a Democracy that quickly will fold into a Totalitarian communistic government. Read China. It’s happening very fast too.

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  5. Be sure that you and others are voting Christian (or just plain good) values rather than virtue signaling. Theft is evil – it’s right in the Ten Commandments. For the most part, anything government does is paid for with money taken from people under threat of force – pretty much the textbook definition of theft. For any that doubt that, try Not paying taxes and see how long it takes for people with guns to show up to make you do so – simplest way is pay sticker price But Not The Sales Tax on an item and walk out of a store.
    Yes, it is Christian to care about the poor, among other virtues. But where in the Bible does it say the best way for You to care for the downtrodden is with Other People’s Money?
    I’m not one of those delusional libertarians who think a viable government can be run purely on voluntary donations – taxation is a necessary evil. But like any evil that cannot be eliminated, it should be minimized.

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