Who is to BLAME for Normal’s problems?

By: Diane Benjamin

Judge Kording ruled in September that Normal is an Incorporated Town even though they don’t act like it. In his ruling he stated he knows his decision could:


The “parade of horribles” has only just begun. The Normal elites ignored the ruling while celebrating the defeat of the citizen led referendum to get better representation on the Council.

I wonder what the bondholders and credit rating agencies think of Normal now?

Did Normal then work to comply with the law? Of course not. It’s always nice when abusers put their actions in writing:


Reece wrote this email to the entire Council on October 17, 2022. Since Karyn Smith and Kathleen Lorenz have said nothing about the legal status of Normal – THEY DO NOT DESERVE YOUR VOTE. Both did vilify Stan Nord for his email to the Clerk that just stated the law.

Don’t forget: If Nord had not sent that email the petitions would never have been posted to the website, Dullard and Fritzen wouldn’t have objected, the Electoral Board would never have met, and this case would not be in court again.

Obviously Koos and Reece believed the Kording ruling was immaterial, they ignored it. As Tom Devore likes to state: You don’t have rights unless government is forced to comply.

A Zoom status hearing is scheduled for January 11th at 10:30 on the three cases Devore filed.

The Chief McLean County Circuit Court Judge will be presiding: Fellheimer. 

Pretend the dog below are the citizens in Normal, use your imagination after:

11 thoughts on “Who is to BLAME for Normal’s problems?

  1. 20 years of King Koos the tyrant, that’s who to blame, along with the Chicago faction support, and Lisa Madigan and Kwame, etc.

  2. Stan is to blame for blowing the whistle…everyone else is to blame for refusing to address the problem.

  3. Your question…… “Who’s responsible ……” Is very obvious. We get the government we deserve and vote for. I had need to drive through a beautiful section of Normal, South Broadway and Fell several times a week all fall. The number and flavor of the political signage says it all! Ad to that all the BLM and gay flags and you have a full view of what Normal is. It’s a way left of center town and always has been, its just worse now that the “center” today is where left was back in the ISNU era.

      1. Diane you’d sure thinks they’d be appalled but don’t think they are. We shouldn’t forget these same people helped put leftist running country. These same people show no understanding of the word taxpayer. These same people watched and some applauded while cities in America burn and people died all in the name a drugged up drug dealing violent thug. These same people think it’s okay to sexually groom school kids but its wrong to promote people based on merit. Shall I continue….. Bet you could easily take it from here.😁

      1. Yes I can. I feel the lifestyle that flag represents is an abomination. But that is irrelevant to my post. My reference to those flags was not a reflection of the lifestyle they represent but rather the likely political bent of the people displaying it. Normal has been liberal for a long time. They’ve crossed over now I think and are a leftist community…… at least they are electing leaders that have a leftist style and agenda. I have yet to witness a well managed, responsible, taxpayer conscious community managed by leftist…. or even today’s democrats.

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