Another view of Term Limits

by:  Diane Benjamin

Unless Mike Madigan is successful at getting the question off the ballot, Term Limits will be up for vote in November.

Some people say Term Limits are being pushed to get rid of Mike Madigan.  That is probably true.  I poll watched a Madigan precinct a few years ago.  Unless he dies in office, term limits are the only way he is leaving.  Term Limits will also get rid of other useless politicians in Springfield, the ones that mostly just collect a paycheck and campaign contributions for votes.

But there is another side to the story:

States with Eight-Year Term Limits are the Most Cash-Solvent

2 thoughts on “Another view of Term Limits

  1. I’m curious, if the term limits pass (and I definitely want them to), will they be retroactive or do the term limits start then? In other words, do we get rid of the long term incumbents right away or do we have to wait however long the term limits are until they are forced out

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