Good News

By: Diane Benjamin

Town of Normal employees didn’t get Christmas gift cards this year. In 2017 Normal spent $25,048, in 2018 $25,040, in 2019 $23,920.

This year is what citizens who aren’t allowed to work by their government expect: $0.00.

More Good News:

The far left isn’t afraid to tell you what candidates they support. It makes deciding much easier. Robert Garcia is attempting to get rid of the competition with petition challenges. If you want an uniformed socialist on the Unit 5 School Board, here’s your guy:

Good News Extra:

Since voters who claim to want term limits failed to term limit Dan Brady, the citizens of Normal have another chance to practice what they preach on April 6th:

Term Limit Chris Koos

He’s been creating debt since 2001, had enough yet?

3 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I don’t believe the staff are not getting anything. I am sure there will some sort of deferred gift in the form a pay raise or increased perk.


  2. I wasn’t the one who figured this out, but I thought I’d share it.
    Obviously, the people in our intelligence agencies are movie buffs — and also prone to giving themselves away in stupid ways.
    A film from 1942 titled “A Night Before Christmas” (later retitled “Larceny Inc.”) about a hoodlum (James Cagney) planning on breaking into an underground bank vault on Christmas eve using dynamite.

    Starring: ANTHONY QUINN
    Released by: WARNER


    Quite a coincidence, huh?


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