The early voting sham starts Thursday

By:  Diane Benjamin

The actual election is November 6th, but thanks to the Illinois progressives, voting starts September 27th.

Yep, some people can’t get to the polls without over a month of voting.

The purpose of early voting is to make sure people vote before any news comes out that might change their mind.  Votes need to be locked up to deprive people of having facts.   Voters need information, early voting deprives them of that.

Far leftist will flock to early voting because nothing will change their minds.  The majority of people aren’t this dumb.  Voting on the actual day of election along with millions of other Americans is patriotic.  Early voting weeks before an election is voting uniformed.

October 4th there is a debate between the two candidates for County Clerk.  Voting before then means voting without facts.

  • Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 6 PM – 7 PM
     ·Heartland Community College, Community Commons Building (CCB) room 1406-1407

You do need to see your sample ballot before voting.  If you aren’t in the City of Bloomington, you can see your ballot here:

Hopefully the Bloomington Election Commission won’t exist after the election because it’s silly to have a separate Election Commission.  In Bloomington, see your ballot here:

Both the County and Bloomington have questions about retaining judges.  Marking YES does nothing to hold them accountable.  Judges need term limits just like politicians.  If you believe in Term Limits, the only answer is NO!  There is a non-binding question about term limits on the ballot.  Don’t mark it Yes that you believe in them and then vote to retain judges.  That’s hypocrisy!

Bloomington has this badly worded question:

I’m sure lawyers had something to do with it.

If you agree funding both the County Clerk and the Bloomington Election Commission is ridiculous and a waste of money – answer YES.  Don’t fall for the non-partisan bull, the BEC Board chair filed opposing letting you have a choice as Democrat.


Protecting your vote is vital to election security.  It has nothing to do with the Russians, it has to do with people not eligible to vote voting.  The left has plans to steal the next election.  They are close with Motor Voter, Same Day Registration, and of course opposing Voter ID.

Illinois now has a group working with Judicial Watch, True the Vote, and California’s Election Integrity Team.  If you want to join the team, let me know.  Meanwhile, tomorrow night is a live on-line event about election fraud.  Details here:  


21 thoughts on “The early voting sham starts Thursday

    1. Where is your evidence of multiple voter fraud or those “not qualified” to vote? You have none. When you vote early you must present a photo ID to vote at the polling place. Your name is checked off the voting rolls. That prevents anyone from voting multiple times. The state of Illinois has been doing early voting for years.

      “President Donald Trump’s dismantled voter fraud commission uncovered no evidence to prove his claim that millions voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election, according to an analysis of administration documents by a former member.” So again where is your proof?

      “The purpose of early voting is to make sure people vote before any news comes out that might change their mind.” Say what? What “news”? For all the made up reason against early voting that has to be the dumbest.

      Early voting is for people who work schedule or have life circumstances which do not have time on one Tuesday in November to vote. The fact is most people know exactly who they are going to vote and can vote early for their candidate. Your contention that there might be some nebulous “news” that comes out about a candidate is ridiculous. Last March I early voted because I was out of town on election day. Many people have circumstances just like that…


      1. Nice summary of pro-fraud talking points.
        Where is the proof of fraud? The same place as proof of no fraud – it doesn’t exist because there haven’t been any comprehensive attempts at finding an answer. You cite Trumps attempts to investigate – Attempts that were stymied by other officials’ refusal to cooperate, and those with the most fraud would be the most likely to refuse to be investigated.
        The ‘news’ aspect is probably not The reason for early voting, but it certainly holds water as a reason for reducing the time frame. To see why, one need only look at the current Kavanaugh situation – If votes had been tallied only a week (or even a Day?) ahead of time, the Dems’ last-minute circus would have been a completely moot point.
        Are some people busy on election day, and for some, does it make more sense to outright vote early rather than mail in an absentee ballot? Certainly. But if somebody is so disorganized that they can only manage to vote if it’s More Than A Full Month in advance, then there’s something wrong with this picture.
        Voting is like banking – it needs to be secure/legitimate, but it also needs to be convenient. Too much of one means one sacrifices the other. The current situation barely give lip service to security and legitimacy, sacrificing them on the alter of convenience in the name of ‘non-disenfranchisement’. If added steps to ensure that one voter is not disenfranchised result in two votes being cast illegally or even just in error, it is a Dis-service to the electorate, not a help.


      1. Again, you have NO evidence of voter fraud. None. “THOSE WHO REQUESTED TO VOTE BY
        MAIL, BUT TURN UP AT POLLS ON ELECTION DAY, CAN VOTE ONLY IF: Voter submits to election judges their vote by mail ballot, or a portion of the ballot for cancellation. Voter fills out affidavit stating that they never received the vote by mail ballot. Voter fills out affidavit stating they completed and returned the vote by mail ballot and election authority did not receive it.Note: If the voter admits receiving a vote by mail ballot, but did not return it to the election authority, he or she would only be eligible to vote provisional ballot.” Illinois Election Board. Also the pollbook would indicate that you voted by mail, the same would be true if you voted early.


      1. O. K. “people” have been prosecuted. How many? “Indiana’s voter ID law, passed in 2008 and the model for the nine states that have adopted similar laws since the 2010 election, did nothing to prevent the alleged signature fraud, nor did it stop Indiana’s Republican Secretary of State, Charlie White, from committing felony voter fraud in the 2010 election. (White was sentenced to a year of home detention on felony fraud convictions.)”.

        “A major probe by the Justice Department between 2002 and 2007 (BUSH ADMINISTRATION) failed to prosecute a single person for going to the polls and impersonating an eligible voter, which the anti-fraud laws are supposedly designed to stop. Out of the 300 million votes cast in that period, federal prosecutors convicted only 86 people for voter fraud

        86 people out of how many million? Another state: ““Texas recently went looking for examples of voter fraud and found fewer than five incidents of ‘illegal voting’ out of more than 13 million votes cast in the 2008 and 2010 elections.”

        Between 2000 and 2007, there were 32,299 UFO sightings in the United States, 352 deaths caused by lightning, but only nine cases of voter impersonation, Along with the disbandment of the Trump Administration Voter Fraud Commission, your contention is all smoke and no fire. Why don’t you complain about UFO’s not being reported, it’s as empty.


  1. That ought to be the “OFFICIAL” Democrat motto “Whatever you can get away with” As it applies to a number of things.. selling SENATE seats, cheating on taxes, issuing a drivers license to illegal immigrants, pocketing money, cheating on your wife, deleting emails, selling uranium to Russia. et al. HECK, WHAT’S left? Cheating @ golf??

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  2. If Bloomington had a halfway honest mayor and city council, Chicago Nikita would have been fired and scuttled back to dishonest roots. Maybe Boss Madigan would give her a job in his crime syndicate somewhere?


  3. You have provided no evidence of voter fraud. A Republican is elected in Texas. Wow. What a shock, a purple state with heavy Republican enclaves votes for a Republican. Not evidence of voter fraud. What are you going to do when O’Rourke defeats Cruz? Or doesn’t defeat Cruz? That’s not “evidence” of voter fraud. The Trump administration certainly had no evidence that there were millions of people fraudulently voting and you certainly don’t. As I stated, you might as well take crack pot UFO reports as your occupation.


      1. Is that your standard reply to anyone who disagrees with you? They somehow can’t “read”? You have NOT given ANY evidence of widespread voter fraud. Voting Republican is not evidence of voter fraud. Trump Commission uncovered NO evidence. “Attempts that were stymied by other officials’ refusal to cooperate, and those with the most fraud would be the most likely to refuse to be investigated.”

        So according to “Very Concerned Citizen” over 50 state secretaries were to turn over very sensitive information that included addresses, party affiliation, electoral participation history, and the last four digits of Social Security numbers. What the heck was the Commission going to do with that personal information? It was disbanded after it was revealed that it really didn’t want uncover voter fraud but politicized voting. “Longtime Republican consultant Carter Wrenn, a fixture in North Carolina politics, said the GOP’s voter fraud argument is nothing more than an excuse.

        “Of course it’s political. Why else would you do it?” he said, explaining that Republicans, like any political party, want to protect their majority. While GOP lawmakers might have passed the law to suppress some voters.”


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