Does the Lincoln Council hate watchdogs?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois is badly run because the people running it think they are brilliant and need to control everything.  Illinois is a failed state and local officials make it worse.  The job of government is ONLY to do what people can’t do for themselves.  Citizens know how to spend their own money far better than government.  The people can’t because constant tax increases take too much leaving far less for people to stimulate businesses and activities they really want.  If we build it they will come always fails.

Lincoln is developing a Strategic Plan.  Just like most of government, it’s what they want likely including subsidies to preferred people or companies.  They had a downtown TIF where most of the money went to one guy.  This plan will do nothing except cost the people in Lincoln money, just like Bloomington.

Two Aldermen conspired in emails to get this plan passed.  They even claim it won’t cost any money.  (Heard that one before?)

A local watchdog, Wanda Rohlfs, wrote a Letter to the Editor expressing concerns.  It sounds very much like happenings in Bloomington:  Letter to the Editor Is it the big picture or is it the little picture

One of the Alderman, Ron Keller mentioned it in an email to fellow Alderman Dayne Dalpoas:


These two exchanged a few emails.  They talked about changing “clarification” to something else because it sounds like an apology.  They talked about not distributing some items until  a later date, obviously to keep it secret as long as possible.

Evidently some “consultant” is/was going to appear before the Council.  They want him prepped for backlash.

All of the emails were received under the Freedom of Information Act.  I’m hearing rumors about deleting emails in the future to keep them from citizens.

Somebody should tell them that’s illegal.  

See all the emails here:   Emails between Keller and Dalpoas

Lincoln has a history of failed plans.  Wanda is trying to prevent another one.  I hope good people will be running for Council.  Petitions need circulated NOW.









7 thoughts on “Does the Lincoln Council hate watchdogs?

  1. Lol! It is my opinion that Ron Keller is one of the biggest RINOs and he is also a Republican Precinct Committeeman. Someone needs to check to see how Dalpos voted in the last few primaryies. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was another RINO. TIF districts and development plans only serve to redistribute wealth and restrict entrepreneurs. AND, worst yet become ripe avenues for public corruption. And in my opinion Logan County is full of public corruption that the local States Attorney will not prosecute . Just ask the folks in Atlanta

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  2. RINOs have infiltrated for quite sometime, kissing babies and hugging lil’ old ladies. Until people specifically start calling them out, they’ll be hard to control.

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  3. I forgot to address the “we should delete emails “ part of the story. Not a problem…it is my opinion that they will just spend even more Taxpayer dollars lining Blinn Bates’ pockets to help them lie their way out of it or justify it. Just a word of caution deleting is a felony because emails are considered public. Records and have a records retion. Category assigned to them and have to be approved by the state before they can be destroyed…servers have backups But then again these type of elected officials and their lawyers don’t care about laws. They just like to spend the money in your wallet! Check this story out about how much this behavior can cost a public body.

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  4. If you are doing something that is wrong, you probably won’t like a Watchdog! Lincoln was named after Honest Abe, a man of high integrity. Lincoln/Logan County could use a whole army of Watchdogs in every aspect of government right now. Unfortunately, the community appears extremely complacent & just doesn’t seem to care, because you don’t see people coming to meetings to challenge the decisions being made or how the money is being spent. On the other hand, those who are reaping from the grants & crazy wind projects (that are destroying agriculture & the whole community) are first in line for the handouts to line their pocketbooks, while the streets, sidewalks, court house are in bad need of repair and maintenance. It’s hard to find people who truly care & then those who are willing to stand up, speak out, and fight for the cause!

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  5. The WHOLE county is corrupt and IS known for that state wide! It’s TIME that voters run these kind and their ilk OUT of office and POWER and shuffle them to the trash bin from whence they arrived..


  6. campus veiw drive is the responsibility of lcu. why should the taxpayers of lincoln be paying for repairs of street that the city didn’t put in? make those that put it in pay for it!


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