REALLY believe in Term Limits?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why do voters have to hold their noses when they vote in November?

Why are the same people on the ballot election after election after election?

Because you really don’t believe in term limits!

Primary elections are where term limits happen.  Yes, you need to pick which party to vote for.  Voting Democrat doesn’t make you a Democrat.  Voting Republican doesn’t make you a Republican.  All picking a party means is candidates are on that ballot you think deserve to be considered in November.  Failing to vote in primaries means you want to same people on the November ballot.

Choosing not to vote in a Primary also means you aren’t serious about Term Limits..

In November the same people will win and nothing changes.

The Primary is March 20th.

Early voting starts February 8th.  NEVER vote early.  There is a long time between February 8 and March 20.  Locking up your vote before serious campaigning begins means news can appear that would have affected your vote.  Early voting is an Illinois scam to make sure nothing changes.

The governor’s race will be the huge choice.  Both parties have primaries, the winning party in November gets to control redrawing district maps.

The Chicago Tribune did a Facebook Live interview with Bruce Rauner and his challenger Jeanne Ives.  I don’t know if it will be available anywhere but Facebook, but this may be the only debate Rauner allows.  If you are voting in the Republican primary, you need to see it.



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