December Library Stats

By:  Diane Benjamin

It is no surprise the City no longer compares years for the library in the City Managers Report.  When the number are decreasing, it’s hard to convince people you need to more space.

2017 Source – PDF page 11:

2016 Source – PDF page 10:

2015 was not included in the City Manager’s Monthly Report

Visitors to the Library:

2016   Don’t know since it wasn’t reported, it isn’t in the Library Minutes either.

2017  23,133  (798 @ day isn’t the 1,000 we are being told)

Items checked out:

2016  97,912

2017  90,227  







  1. These are the very people trying to convince the masses that outsourcing collection is more expensive! Another example of lies and deceit by this administration. Remember, FIGURES LIE AND LIARS FIGURE!


  2. of those 23k visiting library how many are homeless and how many there to use bathrooms?


    • BN Deserves Better says:

      I’d be curious about their methodology for counting in general. And to your point, DEBBIE, just how are the visitors engaging the library, and for what services.


  3. Jerry Gilbert says:

    Oops. This 23,300 might have been an average per month. Sorry about that. Jerry

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. We quit going to the bloomington library because the librarians treated my wife horribly on several occasions. The librarians’ general attitude is that patrons are inconveniencing them. We now go to normal despite being bloomington residents. Their librarians are friendly and helpful. I wonder if others are doing the same thing. Checking normal library stats would be interesting to see if they are seeing the same decline.


  5. BN Deserves Better says:

    Libraries are becoming a footnote in history. (No pun intended.) Information is readily available online and access to information has never been more open. If you have a smartphone, you can access books, audio, video, and other media to learn, share ideas, and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Why would we fund an expansion or new building to house floors full of dead trees? (No sign of the Ecology Action Center.) We can’t fight progress, folks. The stats are clear, people are voting with their feet, as in not going to the library. Circulation and visitor stats will continue to decline, and I suspect they’re likely to be padded, if not already padded. Visitor numbers will never go back up, ever! To think otherwise is to be fooling oneself.


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