Why are Democrats terrified of the TEA Party?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Not just Democrats, Republicans too are terrified of the TEA Party too.  The TEA Party supposedly has low approval ratings, but the message of the TEA Party does not.  TEA people want government to live within their means.  Oh, the horror!  We want the Constitution followed and people who abuse their power held accountable.

In case you forgot, the TEA Party only stands for 3 things:

Limited Government

Fiscal Responsibility

Free Markets

Put that in context with what Ted Cruz and Mike Lee stand for.  ObamaCare doesn’t apply equally to the American people and members of Congress.  President Obama has issued 1200 exemptions from the law.  Millions of people are losing their coverage, millions more have seen large increases.  These 2 stood up a fought.  Oh, the horror again!  Somebody in Washington DC actually cares about average Americans.

Ted Cruz has been vilified ever since.  Why?  Because he is a threat to business as usual in DC.  That’s why he was elected.  Imagine if all politicians said what they were going to Washington for and kept their promise.  If you like being more than $17,000,000,000,000 in debt, then go ahead and hate the TEA Party.  Why do you think the Republicans hate us too?  We put a crimp in business as usual.

If you are like Democrat Alan Grayson, you pass around lies about the TEA Party.  Since history is being rewritten, he’s trying to convince you the KKK wasn’t started by anti-segregation DEMOCRATS.  Pick a side.  Grayson is trying to raise money with the following:






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