Americans Against the TEA Party

by:  Diane Benjamin

The media and Democrats love to declare the TEA Party DEAD.  Then, why is there an entire FACEBOOK page called Americans Against the TEA Party?

Below is a post done after Hillary Clinton testified before Congress yesterday. There are a few conservative comments, but I can assure you the persons who made them will be banned from commenting in the future.  ALL left wing sites like this one and MoveOn ban conservatives from posting.  It is impossible to have a conversation.  Sounds just like Washington DC.  Conservatives rarely ban posters unless they use really disgusting language.  Some of the people below might qualify.

A few of the comments have merit, but we aren’t allowed to actually discuss.  How can our problems be solved when only one side is allowed to participate?  What are liberal sites afraid of?  Truth?

Visit their site, hate does exist!


  • Jeffrey Macbeth 4 dead Americans! As Hillary said it doesn’t matter; she would know as she watch them die in real time.
  • Luis Mario Tavales Bravo!
  • Robin Taylor for real!
  • Ed Parent For all you Hillary backers, maybe had it been YOUR son or daughter that was brutally murdered in Benghazi … then maybe YOU would want to know the truth about why it happened and WHO is responsible for allowing your son or daughter to be murdered. Imagine it was YOUR kid and hearing Hillary saying, “What does it matter?” Maybe your son or daughter is killed in an accident at work and the boss says What does it matter why??? Take the politics out of this and ask yourself how you would react if one of those four brave Americans were your kids.
  • Robert Hughes Rand Paul is a fucking idiot. he should be put in a rubber room before he brings an AR-15 to work with him.
  • Elizabeth Vernon I agree, June. What the heck difference does it what the killers called themselves: terrorists or protesters? Protesters can turn into a murderous mob. Terrorists can hide themselves in a protesting mob. And, I also agree, that people who work for the State department know and understand the dangers they face when they are serving in areas of the world that going through all kinds of upheaval. Children in an elementary school do not sign on for that kind of risky work.
  • Helen Weber Scott, it has been proven that lack of funding had nothing to do with the lack of security in Benghazi. Forget the Bush crap, coverups?
  • James Pagdon you are blind to all truth if you dont get that they had all the protection they could reasonably and they knew it. their are ways to get a message directly to the secretary if it is an urgent matter and they did not use them because they knew their was nothing to be done. the request for more security would have gotten them a few more names to mourn in this situation and those repunicans on the panel all of them know that from their top secret briefing and know that Hillary cant say why , so they keep using this as a way of trying to make her seem guilty. but only a right wing ideologically crazed person couldn’t see through their Bull screen of stupidity. i think you know the truth, but are having fun the only way you know how. in the end this will be remembered as a Victory by our side and a failure by yours and that’s all that will matter should she run for president, we don’t need your votes to win. we only need to show up and vote your liars out again. Have a great day:)
  • Cathy Voisard Love this!
  • Teresa Martin Schneider Charlie…your side lost AGAIN. Now be a good republican/teabagger puppet and crawl back into your hole.
  • Linda Solotaire Bravo!
  • Martin Winkler I LOVE THIS DUDE!!!!!!!
  • Karlin T. Rex @Ed, there were hundreds of staffers who died in Embassy attacks during the Bush administration overseas. Yes this is a tragedy but she is not to blame. Tune in to CSPAN now and then and you would see that it was conservative budgetary cuts that led to this. Her office may have rubber stamped it but this was not because of her.
  • Craig Warner Bruce Lindner is just another terrorist as far as I am concerned. His backing of those trying to destroy the U.S. is the proof. I don’t subscribe to the Tea Party line, but I know a subversive element when I see it and, unfortunately, we have such in the White House and all those who conspired to get him there are equally subversive.
  • Helen Weber Renee, In the past, all that we have heard for the last four years is it’s Bush’s fault. I wonder if Obama will now say this is the worse economy ever that he inherited.
  • Patricia Baker Wow how come nobody who turned a blind eye on messages sent before 9/11 were drug up on the carpet? No they were actually hailed for their part in it
  • Ron Pomerleau What an A__HOLE he is to think that he’s smarter than Mrs Clinton, it’s simply a way to get his name in print.
  • Trevor John Baldwin You give no evidence of why he is “nuts” and a “deranged lunatic”. It is very obvious that Hillary CLinton fucked up badly on the brnghazi attacks, and he was calling her on it. There was no mistake of Rand Pauls part. This letter is only trying to distract from the fact that another one of your prescious democrats fucked up again. there should be nothing said about senator pauls speech other than It gave a good thrashing to a woman who obviously did not know what she was doing in response to these terrorist attacks.
  • Bryan Hurd Eric von seems to have the same capacity for understanding that Ron P has…..which is conspiracy paranoiac these people saying what a situation is from their arm chairs in front of fox…to “learn” from Bush, they would have to be free of his simple minded policies and cohorts….it was a republican congress that denied funding for those embassies and their security…..get rid of the ignorant slaves to Dominion-ism and “Wit Suprimicy” (yes, that’s exactly how some night raiders spelled it when they spray painted the East Indian doctor’s office next to mine) and you get rid of a lot of fools…the fact that Obama carries on some of Bush’s ruthless war tactics shames me as well, but the repubs don’t seem to get after him for that. And, unobservant men like Mr. Allman are at the heart of carrying on stupidity because they are open to being “tools”—- hell, I heard about the video DAYS BEFORE the attacks..if anyone used them as “cover” it might be the perps. But then, not having been there, not being on the ground but rather in my room watching television I wouldn’t dare to say “this is what happened and people need to changer their shit because I had an uniformed thought”
  • Roy Wroblewski He just proved what I thought all along….He’s a jerk!
  • Patricia Baker too true
  • John Petry @Jeffrey Macbeth – if you were trying to make a point you discredited yourself by lying about what Ms Clinton said. What she said if you listened was AT THIS POINT it doesn’t matter whether our people were killed by people protesting an anti-Islamic movie or a group of men out for a walk who decided to kill some Americans. She is correct. At this point there are two things that matter – first how to prevent future occurrences to the extent possible [there were 12 such attacks when GW Bush was president which is not an attack on Bush but simply to point this in NOT something new or recent]. The second things that matters is finding the people who did this and punishing them. Instead we got political grandstanding by opportunistic politicians in the House and Senate. Rand Paul is a particularly annoying piece of hypocritical of garbage because he voted to cut a billion from the State Dept budget including money to improve security at overseas diplomatic missions.
  • MaryJane O’Keefe I think you missed the point, Charlie. The point is Rand Paul is a legend in his own mind. He is about 60 years behind the times, in general…based on many of his comments about civil rights, etc. But mostly, he is a clueless ass. To try to place himself somehow as a superior to Secty Clinton is a joke in itself…and extremely egotistical..I had to laugh at him….She is such a great leader, a brilliant mind, a great American and he is such a dopey, extremely narrow minded absolutist…Not a leader. He will be replaced soon..He is a flash in the pan tea party choice..They are in the extreme, not the mainstream of American thinking. And to say that this attack was the worst since 9/11 just simply isn’t true at all…there are numerous other terrorist attacks that have been far worse. He acted not like a dignified congressman, but a little chicken-shit whiney weasel who simply wanted to try to make himself feel superior by trying to minimize the Secty.( I’m sure he felt she belonged at home baking cookies…) Well, it didn’t work and he ended up making an even bigger ass of himself than he already was!
  • Patrick Kennedy Someone should relieve themselves On Rand Paul!
  • Donald Alverson He is truly a poor example of what’s wrong with congress now. It is a tragic loss of life but surely not as bad as the 26 lost in the terrible school shootings. Get real Rand, you are totally out of touch with reality!!
  • Don Purdy Spot on bro. Trevor, YOU are part of the problem!
  • Geri Rainey No Hilliary did not as you say “FUCK UP!” McCain said he was told by the ambassador that security was needed….. Funny that info did NOT go to Hilliary only to McCain…. and we know what a Fing liar he is!!! Hilliary kicked ass on Capitol Hill! Especially, Paul and McCain. They looked like a freakin puke fest!
  • Karlin T. Rex Because I hate giving incorrect facts… Yes in the hundreds, not all were US some were contractors. There WERE however 27 Americans who died in embassy attacks overseas under the Bush administration. 2002-Pakistan, 2004-Uzbekistan, 2004-Saudi Arabia, 2006-Syria, 2007-Athens, 2008-Serbia, 2008-Yemen.
  • Geri Rainey I go with what John Petry says!
  • Thomas Belanger He is a sick man, but apparently an excellent MISleader!
  • Dan G Jarrett ahh the truth is beautiful thing
  • Mike Froedge My DOG is superior to Hillary Clinton.
  • Liberty Blueskyes speaks for me
  • Roger de Longpré Yeah Bruce! You’re the Man! Luv Ya Dude!
  • Sandhya Dawar This person is my hero!!! I was thinking the same when I was watching him state ” if he was President” ! And all I could do was shout at the tv screen ” thank F***ing God you are not you idiotic @$$ wipe!!!!” 
    I too will be sending a fax thank you for supplying the number !!!
  • April Greilick The problem is Republicans keep hammering away at this administration. Stop trying to find reasons to hate Obama and his Cabinet. This Benghazi bullsh*t is another media ploy to make it look as though this administration does nothing but f*ck up. They blow tragedies out of proportion and point the finger, which is all they can do. Bush should have been impeached and arrested, along with Cheney, they started a war based on lies and committed who knows how many war crimes. They didn’t get their just desserts. People like Ryan and Boehner don’t actually care about the people killed or the reasons why (they know what happened, its been gone over) they only want to drag the sh*t around hoping eventually they’ll have the right to push for Obama’s impeachment.
  • David Woroner Amazing how Dems confuse one issue with another, then just throw mud and ignore the simple facts. What the hell does 20 1st graders being slaughtered have to do with anything in this case? Delusional psychos. Let me make this CLEAR! ALL EMBASSIES ARE UNITED STATES SOIL, PERIOD… Mrs Clinton failed in her job. It WAS HER JOB, SHES THE BOSS… “what difference does it make now?” She asked, my response is “Maa’m you are a failure as a leader, elusive in appearing before WE THE PEOPLE, and finally wholly incompetant. You, being the ultimate responsible party (*unless you wanna throw the pres. Under the bus?) should resign. Your arrogance is unacceptable and nauseating. And to the genius brruce? Dont you have to register at the left wing whacko ward and register your typewriter. Its dangerous, register it.
  • Mona Payne Rand Paul is a dang eye doctor! I did not vote for him. Knew from the get go that he is a nut job. Paul and McConnell are both embarrassment to Kentucky!
  • Garritt Pankratz I would bet this guy is a member of the GOP….and not a RINO like paul…..( he probally also thinks the tbags are seditionist)
  • Bryan Hurd So, Helen Weber….your television is set 24/7 to FOX NEWS….I certainly hope that is the case, otherwise your ability to think logically and perform basic calculations of sanity (4 americans dead we gotta do something/no wmds=4,500 dead=silence? — Obama and Hillary did it/ Congress reduced funds to do the very job they claim O and H didn’t do—but had nothing to do with anything?) is severely impaired. You may wish to give up your religion as it has apparently taught you to think fantasy is truth and fact is fantasy.
  • Eileen Moses Amen to what this man said he is sooooo right!
  • Pat VanValkenburg Well done!
  • Suzanne Kloss Wow, you must have a REALLY, REALLY bright dog!
  • Andrew Cherry I love how people like David think that the facts are simple, ur being the biggest hypocrit dude, take the mud ur throwing and shove it up ur ass dude because the right wing propaghanda has obviously turned you into the dispicable pile of shit just as so many others. Get off the page, no one listens to ur bullshit.
  • Jennifer Weston Well said!
  • Rob Hoffmann Bravo Bruce my fellow Portlander!
  • Helena Hernandez Fabulous…
  • Pamela Nast let’s all send copies to R. Paul today!!! I will sign my name to a version of this!!!
  • Michael Summitt I have lived in KY my whole life and I am embarrassed that the people of KY vote for asshats like Rand Paul & Mitch McConnell…..if only Paul could lose his next election he could go back from whence he came (Texas) and maybe they could vote him in as President of the Republic of Texas when the USA allows them to secede!!!

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