More Global Warming lies

NASA is out with a new graph showing we are all going to die!  Actually, it shows temperatures since 1880 have gone up:


NASA gets their money from the Federal Government, the Federal Government believes in spending billions and billions of tax dollars on Green Energy, so do you expect anything less from the guys getting paid to tow the government line?  Not if they want to keep their jobs.

The graph is extremely deceptive.  Look closely. The huge swing is about 1 degree.  Wow!

What they leave out is what happened before 1880:

The earth experienced a little Ice Age, then it got really warm.  When the vikings sailed to Greenland the residents were farming!  CO2 amounts vary naturally as does the temperature.  It’s called CLIMATE.  We are being robbed by those wanting to redistribute YOUR money.

Climate history details here:

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