Racist Code

By:  Diane Benjamin

A sociologist At Illinois Wesleyan University has written a book about the TEA Party.   No, I have no plans to read it, and yes I did talk to the author.  Just the blurb on the IWU website says everything I need to know.  https://www.iwu.edu/news/2015/sociologist-sheds-light-on-tea-party.html

When RACE is in the title of the book, the author started on the false premise pushed by the Democratic Party to marginalize a citizen movement that bulldozed them.  Racism is “coded”?  Really?

Obviously judging people on the “content of their character instead of the color of their skin” doesn’t equal success in ending racism.  The author interviewed “colorblind” people and failed to believe it.  She saw “code” words.

The Democrat Party teaches code words.  See a book called “The Little Blue Book”, subtitle “The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic”.  It’s 131 pages of what to say in every situation to deceive and conquer.

If the author wants to see “code”, look at the TEA Party support for black leaders like Allen West, Ben Carson, Mia Love, Tim Scott, and many others.  The code is:  Judge people on the content of their character.

If racism really ends, then race-baiters are out of business.  As long as some search for racism under every rock, Martin Luther King’s dream will never be accomplished.  The author claims to be an expert on racial discourse.  Sitting in a classroom all day leads people to believe whatever they want to.  The world is totally different outside the walls of higher education.  The author should wander outside occasionally.





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