What’s the Future of the TEA Party?

CSteven Tucker 4:16pm Nov 5
I have had reporters and other individuals ask me: “Steve, what is the future of the Tea Party movement if Mitt Romney wins?” Here is my response:

The core focus of the Tea Party movement will be ridding the Republican party of the “Progressive” a.k.a. Statist poison that has infiltrated it’s ranks for decades. In 2010, due largely to the tireless efforts of the Tea Party movement, the Republican party won 680 legislative seats nationwide. This was the largest boost to the Republican party in more than 70 years. Sadly, far too many establishment Republicans and even those who we worked so hard to get elected in 2010 have not followed Tea party principles. In fact, of the 87 Freshmen Representatives who we helped get elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, only 19 have reflected Tea Party principles in their voting record. From the Illinois delegation, Congressman Joe Walsh has the most Conservative record by far. Achieving a 95% score on the Heritage Action score card. http://heritageactionscorecard.com/scorecard/index.html

Without more Representatives like Joe Walsh (IL), Jeff Duncan (SC), Jeff Flake (AZ), Trent Franks (AZ) Tom Graves (GA) and Paul Brown (GA). And, more Senators like Jim Demint (SC), Mike Lee (UT), Ron Johnson (WI), Rand Paul (KY) and Marco Rubio (FL) to name just a few. There simply is no way to realign this nation in accordance with our three core Tea Party principles without out more Representatives like these. Limited Government, Free Markets, & Fiscal Responsibility is all that we expect and we will accept NOTHING LESS from those who represent us locally and nationally.

There are two wars that we will be fighting in the years to come. A war with the Republican party and a war with the cabal of pathetic, lame stream, excuse for journalists who infest the main stream media. In case readers are not clear what networks comprise this cabal of malcontents. They are as follows: NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN & MSNBC. We WILL win this war, as we have won the others. Why? Because Individual Liberty must always prevail over Collectivist Tyranny.

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