knewAre we really surprised by all the revelations emerging detailing tyranny and abuses of power coming from the Obama administration and various federal government agencies? Well, AWD isn’t! You know what you get when you put a Chicago socialist community organizer raised on anti-American extortion thuggery? Barack Hussein Obama!

Obama’s dirty deeds done not so dirt cheap have been glossed over and covered by the mainstream propaganda media since before he was the DemonRat nominee for President. The propagandists knew of his close relationship to anti-American and black theology (read: RACIST) preacher Revrum Wright but hid it because of their socialist, anti-American ideology. They knew he was buddies with America terrorist Bill Ayers. They knew he was closely connected to the Mafia. But they did their best to sweep all this under the rug. Obama knew he could always count on the propaganda media to cover his skulduggery. Not to mention his almost certain bogus birth certificate!

This sh*t isn’t new! It goes back to Obama’s first act of tyranny and abuse of power, known as the Stimulus Bill. The trillion dollar boondoggle was nothing more than a massive payoff to those who supported candidate Hussein’s run to the White House. It did nothing but slow the economy and create massive debt for taxpayers. The Tea Party movement was formed to protest this gross misuse of borrowed tax dollars. But the tyranny and thuggery continued.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s misnamed Department of Justice dropped convictions on the New Black Panthers, deeming that only crackas can be racist and intimidate voters. Solyndra, Cash for Perfectly Good Cars, and wasted billions on other worthless green energy boondoggles continued as the debt was piled on.

Fast and Furious was hidden behind executive orders and the feckless Republican Party. Chances are we will never learn the truth about Obama and Holder sending thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels!

The EPA was set loose to destroy American energy production. Drilling for oil was banned in the Gulf of Mexico and on public lands that the government was only too happy to seize! Coal produced electricity was made the new boogie man and the EPA imposed it’s regulations to destroy the industry, power and jobs. The EPA is, like the IRS, an unelected agency that was given the power by Obama to destroy America. And they have.

Benghazi resulted in the long, slow murder of four Americans while our President and Secretary of State watched! This is the most disgusting thing I have ever learned about my government! But the truth is still coming out. A friend who was in special forces told AWD last fall that the truth on Benghazi would emerge because, in his words, “a lot of people were listening in on the calls for help from those SEALs that night. And they don’t forgive or forget.” It appears that is true as whistleblowers are emerging with more to come.

Now there are revelations that the KGB IRS has persecuted Tea Party groups over the past several years. Why am I not surprised? Tea Party groups complained about the IRS thuggery years ago but it was all denied by the Obama administration and swept under the rug by the propagandists in the media. Underlings will take the fall but does anyone, at this point, doubt that Obama has unleashed his government thugs to persecute his political enemies? I don’t. One damn thing on which I would bet the farm is all this tyranny came directly from the West Wing and Valerie Jarrett.

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  1. Please watch the movie AGENDA and then you will understand everything that has gone on in America since the 1930s when the Communists figured out exactly how to Destroy America by infiltrating OUR Government, OUR Media and OUR School Systems. Bill Ayers taught Obama how to “Forward” the Communist plan and established ACORN, which Obama was a Community Organizer for. They have a Diabolical Plan that they implemented and they have achieved almost EVERY phase of that Plan. You will be Shocked at just how close we are to becoming another Communist State and North America is the ONLY Continent left that they have not taken total control of yet.

  2. Hind sight being better than fore sight, Romney “may” have been better than Obama. However the Tea Party FAILED to give their full support to Ron Paul and/or a handful of other candidates which were clearly a better choice than either one of these two puppets.

    1. I know some people fully supported Ron Paul, but he didn’t fit what most of us were looking for. Coherent sentences like Rand puts together would have been nice.

      1. So you weren’t looking for adherence to the Constitution? Freedom and liberty was pretty much the Ron Paul mantra. Not sure how anyone can find fault in that. Rand on the other hand, might have been more appropriately named Benedict (as in Arnold) for dissing his dad and supporting Romney. Romney has been silver spoon fed most all of his life, and his involvement in unscrupulous deeds was many. Most of you were looking for that? People never cease to amaze me.

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